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7 Motivators to Start Loving Your Life Again ...

By Holly

If you're unhappy with your situation, there are ways to start loving your life again. You don't want to spend your days miserable, locked away inside of your room, or blankly going about your daily rituals. Life is precious, and you need to start enjoying it. It sounds difficult when you're suffering from sadness, but it's entirely possible when you have the right mindset. Here are a few ways to start loving your life after a period of unhappiness:

1 Stay in Touch

Who are your absolute favorite people to be around? If you love your cousins, but haven't seen them in a while, give them a call. If you've lost touch with an old friend, reach out to see if they're available. One of the ways to start loving your life is by keeping in contact with people that are just as awesome as you are.

2 Live like a Kid

As you get older, you're met with more responsibilities however, it's okay to set aside one or two days where you don't have to worry about your plans and future. Put away your planner, turn off your cell phone, and go outside. You can head to the park to read a book, or play with your pet in the backyard. Whatever you do, keep your mind empty.


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3 List What You Love

It's time to grab a pen and a sheet of paper (or to open up a blank document on your laptop). Write down everything that you're thankful for in your life. You can list people, material items, or even TV shows. Anything goes. When you're sad, pull out the list to remind yourself that not everything in your life is bad.

4 Slow It down

Don't rush around if you don't need to do so. If you relax, and look around at how beautiful the world is, you'll reach a peaceful state. Don't go over the speed limit when driving and don't speed walk past strangers on the street. Take your time, and look around at your surroundings. You might see something that inspires you to paint, or write, or smile.

5 Consider How Far You've Come

Everyone struggles, so the fact that you're living and breathing today means you've overcome a lot. Be proud of yourself for everything you've accomplished. You're a strong person, so whatever you're facing now or in the future, you'll be able to get through as well. You have the power!

6 Look Forward to the Future

Find things to look forward to, whether it's seeing a movie or traveling to another country. Of course, you don't have to be excited about big things. You can also get excited over doing one more pushup than you were able to do yesterday. Whatever makes you happy is worth celebrating.

7 Distribute Smiles

When you smile at others, chances are they'll smile right back. Seeing people with grins on their faces can help brighten your day quite a bit. Try it out, and see for yourself. It's amazing how much a simple smile can accomplish.

Life is precious, so you shouldn't waste it when you're capable of enjoying it. All you have to do is change your perspective on the world, your situation, and yourself. What's your favorite thing about your life?

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