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7 Creative Ways to Spark New Ideas ...

By Donatella

Our world has only been evolving and growing because a select few have decided to focus on creative ways to spark new ideas. We are taught as kids to follow rules and think in black and white in order to feel acceptable and like we belong in a group with everyone else. Unless you decide to break the status quo and come up with new ways to spark new ideas, you'll be living like everyone else, alright...bored and itching for adventure.

1 Write down Your Feelings

One of the best ways to spark new ideas is through writing. Write down every thought, every big idea that comes to mind no matter how "crazy," every emotion you are experiencing on a given day. Let the thoughts come through without worrying about edits and proofreading. At night, go back and read your notes. That night or even later down the road, you may discover, in the midst of the ranting and writing, a brilliant idea or solution to a problem.

2 Draw a Picture

Paint, draw, color...any form of creating a picture will be a great way for you to get in tune with your individuality to not only release stress but also to stimulate your mind to think outside the box. If you are a visual learner or see things more clearly when they are right in front of you, this will be a great way for you to discover new things and learn more about yourself.

3 Dance like Nobody is Watching

Dancing is also a beautiful way to express your individuality and stimulate your mind. There is nothing more magical than becoming one with music and losing yourself to the rhythm. Allow your body to move with the music, without thinking about being "judged" or "acting foolish." Creativity will flow through you.

4 Listen to Your Favorite Music

Music heals the soul. Listening to inspirational music or my personal favorite, piano music, helps my body, mind and soul relax. Music helps me get inside the deepest parts of my mind to discover new things and unlock secrets.

5 Get in Tune with Nature

Nature speaks to us. Not in the same way it spoke with Pocahontas, but in a subtler, quieter way! Admiring the leaves changing colors or watching the stars aids in allowing the brain to relax and roam wildly with new ideas. Try it. Unplug from the social world and join the real world for a bit.

6 Dare Yourself to do Something Different

Getting out of your comfort zone even to do something slightly different will in itself spark new ideas. Being stuck in the same routine will only yield one thing...the same results. If you want something to change in your life then dare yourself to change.

7 Listen to Your Gut

There is no secret to living a fulfilling life. It's quite simple to live a life of happiness and peace...listen to your gut. We're all guilty of making life more complicated than it needs to be. When we take a step back and listen our gut, not always necessarily our hearts, we'll see that we know and have known the answer all along.

Let go and allow creativity and new ideas to come to you through these few steps. What helps you spark new ideas? What step has been the most effective for you?

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