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Snape Quotes That'll Make You Love Him ...

By Heather

Oh, Severus Snape – amazing, amazing character, and one I happen to consider a hero. I know that's a divisive point in the Harry Potter fandom, but no matter what you think of sly Professor Snape, you have to admit that he was unforgettable. I happen to think he was lovable – in a dark and twisty, sharp and pointy way, admittedly. His scenes in the books and the movies are some of my favorites, as are a lot of his quotes. After you read these Snape quotes, I bet you'll love him even more – or maybe you'll decide you love him a little bit for the first time!

1 Always


This is the best Snape quote of all time, of course. It makes me cry every time.

2 Life Isn't Fair – Sorry

Life Isn't Fair – Sorry

Actually, Snape probably isn't sorry. Wow, he really had to feel like life dealt him the crappiest hand ever.

3 The Reveal

The Reveal

It was at this moment that Snape redeemed himself – not for all readers, but for lots of us. A lot of things started making sense, too.

4 The Mind is Not a Book

The Mind is Not a Book

Unless you're Snape, technically. I mean, he kind of did that to Harry. Kind of. Not really, but a little bit.

5 I Can …

I Can …

That's because you were an amazing potions master, Snape. Seriously, though, this line always gives me chills.

6 The Mind ...

The Mind ...

When you think about it, this is a really great insult. You should use that on someone. So should I. I know some people who deserve to be on the receiving end of it, too.

7 Have You Ever …

Have You Ever …

That's actually something we should all consider from time to time. Just to make sure we're not asking too much or taking too much for granted.

8 You're Special

You're Special

And this? This is an epic compliment.

9 How He Was a Double-agent

How He Was a Double-agent

That's more impressive than almost anything Voldemort ever did, really.

10 The Way He Talked to His Students

The Way He Talked to His Students

Snape just had such a way with words. That dry wit, you know? Nobody but Alan Rickman could've done him justice.

11 His Confession

His Confession

This one also gives me chills, every single time. He IS the half-blood prince.

12 Control Your Emotions …

Control Your Emotions …


13 Always Lily

Always Lily

He has his mother's eyes! He has his mother's eyes!!! I die.

14 The Dark Arts

The Dark Arts

Tell me this didn't make you want to study the dark arts, at least a little. They're just so … darkly tempting.

15 He Was Honest

He Was Honest

Well, blunt, anyway. To a fault, really.

16 The Dry Humor

The Dry Humor

I can't help it, I find that so sexy.

17 The Mocking of Harry

The Mocking of Harry

Nobody did it like Snape. Nobody will ever mock Harry like Snape.

What's your favorite Snape moment? Give it up in the comments!

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