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Quotes about Black Women That Will Make You Love Your Melanin ...

By Sabrina

Even in 2016, black women are often misrepresented by negative stereotypes in the media, underpaid in the workplace, objectified and hyper sexualized by men etc. If negative thoughts about your identity as a black woman are getting you down, check out these amazing quotes about black women that will make you fall in love with your melanin all over again!

1 “Whether Light, Whether Dark, Whether Mixed, There’s Only One of You. Don’t Waste Your Time Thinking That You’re Not Good Enough. Don’t Waste Your Time Thinking That You’re Ugly. Don’t Waste Your Time Because Somebody else is Thinking the Same Thing. if You’re Thinking You’re Beautiful, You Can Pass It off to Someone else.” —Robin Tavares-Russel

Internal racism is a major problem that plagues the black community. This issue especially affects women, because men, of any race, will often say that they prefer light-skinned or mixed women, or only dark-skinned women with European features. We see this issue in the media too, where most black actresses and models are light-skinned. But just because our society tries to pit one amazing black woman against another doesn't mean you should act that way! We are better than those petty arguments about beauty standards. Listen to what Robin Tavares-Russel has to say, and don't waste your time thinking about whether you are beautiful or not because of your skin tone. You are beautiful, magical, and unique!

2 “Black Women Were Created of Brown Sugar and Warm Honey. the Sweetest Thing to Bless the Earth. Be Wary of Anyone Who Tells You Otherwise.” –Alexandra Elle

I absolutely love this quote! No matter what other people say about black women—that they are loud, ghetto, promiscuous, etc.—doesn't matter. The truth is, black women are a blessing to the world because they are beautiful, strong, smart, and sweet!

3 “the African Race is a Rubber Ball. the Harder You Dash It to the Ground, the Higher It Will Rise.” –African Proverb

In the Western world, we don't hear a lot of African proverbs. But this is one I definitely think we should bring back! The human race and many of its first great empires rose out of Africa, but ever since then, other nations have been oppressing and abusing African people. Does that mean African decedents have lost touch with their power and resilience? Definitely not! Even after everything black people around the world have been through, they are still fighting to earn respect and basic human rights, as well as aiming for prestige in politics, the entertainment industry, and business.

4 “My Skin Absorbs the Suns Rays and My Hair Defies Gravity. You Can’t Tell Me I’m Not Magical.” –Unknown

Talk about black girl magic! I love going to the beach in summer, getting sand in my massive frizzy fro, and soaking up the sun to feed my melanin. When you own your blackness, you feel so much more empowered and beautiful—not to mention magical!

5 “Bringing the Gifts That My Ancestors Gave, I Am the Dream and the Hope of the Slave. I Rise. I Rise. I Rise.” –Maya Angelou

For black girls who descended from slaves, this Maya Angelou quote is really powerful. For hundreds of years in many New World countries, African people were forced to work under brutal conditions without pay. Often times, their only hope was that their children or grandchildren would escape the shackles of slavery. You have the blood, sweat, and tears shed during entire lifetimes filled with hopeful anticipation coursing through your veins. If that doesn't make you feel powerful and proud to be black, I don't know what will!

6 Being Strong Can Be Also Feminine. I Don't Think Feminine Equals Being Weak. Being Strong is Very Sexy —Sanaa Lathan

The "strong black woman" stereotype is one that a lot of women struggle with. Of course, part of you wants to be strong and independent, but the other half wants to be perceived as sexy, beautiful, and feminine. But do the two have to contradict each other? Sanaa Lathan says no way! Strong is sexy! You don't have to pretend to be weak to be feminine, you can be the "strong independent black woman who doesn't need a man" and still be totally desirable, beautiful, and perfect just the way you are.

7 “Dipped in Chocolate, Bronzed in Elegance, Enameled with Grace, Toasted with Beauty. My Lord, She’s a Black Woman.” –Yosef a.a. Ben-Jochannan

I think this is a great quote to finish on, because the imagery is almost as gorgeous as you are!

Now that you've seen the many reasons other people love and admire black women, go to the mirror and look at yourself, really look at yourself. Ask yourself "What makes me beautiful inside and out?" If you come up with something you think everyone would like to hear, share it in the comments!

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