Everyday Mantras of Intelligent People ...


Everyday Mantras of Intelligent  People ...
Everyday Mantras of Intelligent  People ...

The words you say to yourself every day are your motivation to drive forward, to reach your goals and to live your best life. Being intelligent in your choice of mantra can make the difference in how much you achieve on a daily basis. Your thoughts drive your actions and your actions create your success. These are the intelligent phrases from which to pick your daily mantra (use them all on a rotational basis).

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If No One Wants to do It, then I Will

face, person, nose, singer, I'll, This is an easy way to distinguish yourself from the crowd as somebody who isn’t afraid to take risks and to experience things that other people might not want to. It shows that you are always willing to gain new understandings and obtain valuable knowledge from doing things that you might not necessarily have done otherwise.


That Wasn’t so Bad

human action, face, person, head, interaction, This is the kind of mantra that means you are a person who can roll with the punches and take bad situations and setbacks in your stride without letting them affect you too badly. Being able to brush something off and moving on to your next life experience is a valuable attitude to have. It means you won’t spend too much time living in the past and scrutinizing things you cannot change.


I Can’t do It All Today, but I Will Make a Start

cartoon, comics, screenshot, anime, illustration, This is a great mantra to have because it teaches us that just because we have a large list of responsibilities and life tasks to complete, we shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the fact that we can’t do everything at once. The only way you are going to decrease that pile is if you start to get through it, so slow and steady really does win the race. You are never going to finish your goals if you never start in the first place!


Fewer Words, More Action!

black and white, monochrome photography, fictional character, This is a reminder that talking about things that you want to do and places that you want to see is one thing, but actually having the conviction to get up and get out there is definitely another thing altogether! The only way you can really achieve your dreams is by being proactive instead of just sitting around and forever talking about the thing rather than actually doing it.


The Opinions of Strangers Mustn’t Trouble Me

screenshot, fictional character, You, really, think, It isn’t necessarily a good thing to completely block out feedback from the outside world, but the trick is to not let certain opinions from people who know nothing about you get to you in a deeply personal way. Rather than being troubled by such opinions, instead try to find if there is anything valuable in them and turn it in something positive. Don’t let it hang over your head and make you introverted.


I’ll Show You All!

photography, facial hair, action film, I'LL, SHOW, Being somebody hell bent on revenge is definitely not a good way to live your life, but having a slight edge of that in the sense that you are striving to show somebody your worth to try to prove their assumptions wrong can be a healthy form of motivation in many different walks of life.


I’ll do Better Next Time

muscle, KEEP, KEEPIN', You should never quit at the first sign of failure in any aspect of your life. The beauty of human nature is that we are always determined to come back better and stronger to try to achieve where we have failed in the past, and this mantra perfectly sums up that earnest spirit.

My mantra is “it may not be perfect but it suits me fine”. It’s taken me many years to accept that not everything has to be perfect every time. Striving for perfection in small things when ok will do can be obstructive to achieving a bigger goal.

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