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7 Rules High Achievers Never Break That You Should Always Consider ...

By Corina

There are a few rules high achievers never break that you should consider too, if you want to be successful and reach all your goals. Being successful does require a lot of work and sacrifices on your behalf, so you should be prepared to put a lot of effort into achieving all your dreams. I love what Kelly Kim said on this matter: “Success is about creating benefit for all and enjoying the process. If you focus on this and adopt this definition, success is yours.” Here are a few rules high achievers never break, that are actually a few principles that you need to embrace in order to be more successful:

1 Don’t Compare Yourself to Others!

The first of the rules high achievers never break is they never compare themselves to other people. We all have our own purpose in life and we should do everything in our power to fulfill all our dreams and reach all our goals. Try to become the best version of you and be original! Everyone is different and this is not a bad thing. Those small differences are what makes us so unique, so try to cherish them instead of always obsessing about what other people do.

2 Enjoy the Journey!

I’m sure you are all familiar with that famous old saying: “Enjoy the journey, not the destination!” and this is exactly what true happiness is about. High achievers usually enjoy the process, the hard work a certain goal might require and not only the results. Take time to appreciate what happens around you and live in the present without trying to change your past or being afraid of what the future might bring you.

3 Make Peace with Your past

Try to make peace with your past, so it won’t affect your present and especially, your future. Forgive yourself for all the mistakes you’ve made along the way and focus on fulfilling all your dreams instead of constantly dwelling on your past. Move forward, forgive those who did you wrong and don’t let anything interfere with your happiness!

4 What Others Think of You is None of Your Business

What others think of you should definitely be none of your business. High achievers focus on their goals and on the means to reach them because other people’s opinion about them does not matter to them. What’s really important is the way you perceive yourself and how much you love the wonderful person that you really are. Try to ignore what mean people have to say about you and “hold firm what you know and what you believe”.

5 Take Calculated Risks

High achievers never test the depths of the river with both feet because even if they know that it is important to take risks in order to succeed, sometimes it’s better to take smaller and calculated risks. Dipping a foot first means you won’t lose everything if things don’t go as planned. It’s wiser to make a plan first and to never put all your eggs into one basket because you never know what might go wrong.

6 Set Reasonable Goals

Set realistic and reasonable goals, so you’ll be able to achieve them if you work hard enough and if you have enough patience. Stay away from those unrealistic goals that might seem so tempting but which could bring you only misery and failure. Believe in yourself and work hard to fulfill all your dreams but make sure they are reasonable and that they worth all your efforts.

7 Don’t Act the Way You Are Feeling!

High achievers never act the way they are feeling! Even though they get disappointed, they don’t give up and they do everything in their power to fulfill all their dreams, no matter how long it takes. If they feel sad, they act like they are the happiest people on the face of this planet. You could try this too and you’ll notice that if you act like you’re happy when you’re actually feeling sad, you will eventually become happy.

There are a lot of things high achievers do and I’m sure I haven’t mentioned all of them in this little article. Could you give me a hand and tell me what other rules high achievers never break? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!


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