7 Emotions You Should Never Feel Bad for Having ...


People tend to blame you for your feelings when they don’t understand them, but there are emotions you should never feel bad for having. You’re entitled to react to your instincts. It’s human nature, after all. If you ever feel guilty for expressing yourself, remember that there are emotions you should never feel bad for having.

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Whether you’re upset over your crush dating someone new or your favorite celebrity kissing his wife, your feelings are justified. When it comes to love, people are fragile. Jealousy is one of the emotions you should never feel bad for having, because it helps you realize what you want from life. Are you jealous of the young singers you see on TV, because they get to travel the world? That means that you crave adventure. Are you envious of your friend for getting the internship she wanted? That means that you wish to be successful.



You’ve probably heard that “you don’t have it that bad. At least you’re not dying/starving/homeless.” While that’s true, it doesn’t take away your right to be upset. It's all relative. You can be aware of how wonderful your life is while being annoyed by certain aspects of it. Yes, your life could be worse, but it could also be better.



If you’re thrilled over your favorite movie receiving an Oscar or winning a round of Monopoly, don’t let anyone tear you down. Different people get excited over different things. If something makes you smile, don’t question it. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Who cares if others don’t understand your love of knitting? As long as it brings you joy, knit all day and night!



It’s unhealthy to let your anger control you, but that doesn’t mean that everything is always sunshine and roses. Life is unfair, life is cruel, life is demanding. It’s understandable to have moments of anger, as long as you don't hurt anyone physically or emotionally. Just don’t let your hatred of the world outbalance your love of it.



When you fall in love with the wrong guy, your parents or friends might speak up. While it’s important to hear them out in case they’re right, don’t let them make you feel like a fool. “You can’t help whom you fall in love with.” Your boyfriend might be the perfect guy for you, but your friends are having trouble seeing it, because they don't know him as well as you do.



Some people are scared of little things like spiders. Others are terrified of dying or public speaking. Don’t let your fears make you feel childish. Yes, there are kids who are afraid of the dark, but there are grown men and women who share their fright. There’s no age limit on fear.



When you see a hot guy, your mind’s bound to wander. Even if you’re in a committed relationship, you can’t blame yourself for these thoughts. It doesn’t mean that you’ve lost interest in your boyfriend. Everyone needs to let their lustful thoughts roam free occasionally. As long as you don’t act on them, you’re still being faithful.

Don’t let anyone diminish your feelings. You have a right to express yourself, and should never feel ashamed of your emotions. Are there any people in your life that put you down for feeling a certain way?

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My family is unsupportive of the things I do, but they show their proud faces after I've accomplished amazing things. Like before my half marathon, my parents kept pressuring me to quit, but were veryyy proud after I got the medal. Unfortunately, cant filter these people out

Thanks for this that was greatful ithink noone dereve my heart in this eorld guess what? Because people cant understand me like as im they look at me like a mystery and a strange person...but inside im really really simple and normal person but sadly icant show it....this the bigest siege and encumbere that surruonded me....so im in a big war with my emotions...

Unfortunately yes but I'm learning to filter out those people

hi josie

this is something i struggle with all the time.

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