8 Things to Learn to Notice Again ...


There are many things to learn to notice again in your day-to-day. It’s great to walk through life and notice the simple and beautiful. I know that if I take the time out of my rush-rush day to notice some things, I feel happier, more grateful and more content in life. I also find creative inspiration! The little things really do make the difference. Read on for the things to learn to notice again.

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Flowers and Plants

One of the first things to learn to notice again are flowers and plants. As you walk around, take a look at the flowers and plants you see around you. The color, texture, way they’re potted and how much they increase the beauty of the place they surround are fantastic things to notice. Like it's said, don’t forget to smell the roses!


Other People

Other people very rarely say hi to one another now out in public. It’s awful! Everybody is stuck on their phone or in their own world. Make it a point to walk with your head up and a smile on! You never know who you may lock eyes with and say hello to one of these days. Little daily exchanges - hellos, thank yous - go a long way in giving you happiness.



If you like kids, start to notice them when you’re out more often! Kids’ smiles, laughs and curious eyes are a great reminder of the ways we should still be in life. Some kids might even notice you and laugh or say hello! Give them a smile back as you walk away - their fun curiosity just might rub off on you!


The Sun

The sun is something that is easily taken for granted. Next time you step outside, though, take note of the warmth on your skin, the brightness in the sky and how good the sun feels. Don’t just think about how you forgot your sunglasses. Remember how fantastic the sun feels!



Clouds are fun! Take a break and stare up at the clouds for a minute. They take on so many fantastic shapes and forms every single day. They serve up a purpose, but they’re also creative and silly and whimsical. Cloud-gaze for a little, and let you mind be free!



The moon is grand. It’s pretty amazing to think that everyone all across the world sees the moon, in pretty much the exact same way. Don’t forget to enjoy this silent beauty. It marks the close of each day, and a time to reflect on your actions.


Sunsets and Sunrises

Whatever time of day you are most often up, enjoy the sun rising and setting. It’s a glorious moment to watch and you can actually see time pass as the sun climbs or falls. If you live in a place that has gorgeous sunsets all across the sky, even learn to take note while you’re driving home from work.


Nature Noises

Even if you live in a bustling city, there are some kind of natural noises out there somewhere. Trees rustling, people crunching along fallen leaves, birds, or even dogs barking. Enjoy the most natural of noises you can detect, and don’t drown them out. They’ll bring you back to reality for a bit, and calm your senses. I love hearing the sounds of birds every morning! It’s like they are waking up and starting their day - in the best mood!

So as you go through your day, try to remember the natural things. What other things do you like to notice? Do tell!

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ilove fullmoon, sunrise and sunset watching.

I saw a beautiful contrail leading to a full moon two nights ago. reminded me of being a child gazing at the hot sun on a 70's hot summer day, the quiet of the day stilled by the baby pool & sand box my parents filled for my sister & me. peace and hAppiness of a flower child yet unspoiled by time and life. fly a kite have a picnic I love you xoxo peacd

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