7 TED Talks about Success That You've Got to Check out ...

TED is the place to be when it comes to sharing ideas, so why not check out TED talks about success? I’ve been watching TED for years now and it’s as simple as choosing a topic that I want and then seeing what’s out there. There are quite a few inspiring TED talks about success that have helped me redefine how I view success. Enjoy!

1. Alok Vaid-Menon

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β€œI think we need to break-up with success, or at least how we currently define it.” These powerful words by Alok Vaid-Menon got me thinking. He talks about how we need to reach out to our neighbors rather than up to self-gratification. His TED talk about success points out valid holes in why we do the work we do. β€œThe way to change the world is to fail to live up to its expectations.” With that as the first step, our view of success begins to change. Check out his talk and you will see for yourself what I’m raving about!

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