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Do you ever think about the people who you aren’t related to but have a big impact on your life? Interestingly, there’s more than you realize. It’s been said that we are a product of our environment, which includes the people that we meet. So although there have been many people whom you have only known for a brief moment in time, I’m sure they had some type of impact on you. In fact, here’s a list of people who you aren’t related to but have a big impact on your life.

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Best Friend

The most obvious one of the people who you aren’t related to but have a big impact on your life is your best friend. Your “BFFL” has most likely healed you, hurt you, loved you, hated you, supported you, and helped you become who you are. In fact, I think that sometimes your soul mate isn’t your romantic partner but could be your best friend instead. There’s nothing like the friend who loves you regardless of all the bad sides you’ve shown them.



Whether it be a teacher from elementary or high school, there’s been a teacher we’ve all had who did more than teach us school subjects. Many teachers are teachers for reasons – they love to teach but they want to impact the lives of their students and help them grow into strong adults. As a result, many of us have had teachers we’ve spoken to about personal problems and gone to for advice, or teachers who have just supported us by reassuring us of our best qualities.


Your Worst Boss

Growing up we’ve always had so many people in our corner – our teachers, our family, and our friends. Although we know we don’t know everything, we’re still pretty confident in the abilities that we do possess. So it’s a pretty rude reality check when you have a boss who doesn’t give you a chance, give you credit, or continually underestimates you. It’s difficult to work under such a person but it does make for great character building in the workplace.


Your Best Boss

Nothing is more encouraging in your young adult life than when your boss genuinely believes in your abilities as an employee and as a person. Not only does it make you want to strive for more but it’s reassuring that you are capable at your job. Your favourite boss can also turn into your mentor, offering you advice on life, love, and your career.


First Love

Your first love might be long gone from your life but there’s no one like him or her. Like the first time you heard your favourite song or watched your favourite movie, your first love gives you a high that can’t be repeated no matter how many times you try. That’s why it feels so difficult to get over him or her – it’s not necessarily the person you miss but it’s the feeling he or she gave you that’s undeniable and irreplaceable.


Favourite Singer

There’s more than 7 billion people in the world so there’s bound to be more than one person on this planet who is feeling the exact same thing as you. So when you find an artist who can express what you’re feeling lyrically and musically, you can’t help but become enamored with their work. In fact, in times of solace you turn to their music to clear your mind and heart.


Favourite Author

There are so few people who can speak to you in a way that opens your mind and your heart. Your favourite author is someone who creates stories that bewilder you, make you emotional, and consume you. Your favourite author is a stranger and sometimes you may not even know what he or she looks like, but you hold a connection with them that is hard to break away from.

So many people come and go through our lives and sometimes we don’t realize the impact they have on us. Ironically, many of these people still remain strangers regardless of how they’ve changed us. Who are some other people who affect your life?

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I had a feeling there'd be "favourite singer" on this list - at the moment it's Lea Michele.. She's really amazing and I really admire her ☺️

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