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Be the Light Reasons to Embrace Life Every Day ...

By Reese

I want to share with you why there are powerful reasons to embrace life every day.

You're alive. Plain & simple. No sugar-coated BS, just pure, raw reality. You, my dear, are alive...

And, today, may have not been your favorite. I say that kindly. I know, cause we all have those moments of pity - for the god awful days. From the morning you get up and ONE bad thing happens, like for example waking-up super late, or even stubbing your toe. From that moment of sheer panic, frustration and pain, you think the world is out to get me and to ruin your day. But, it isn't. That moment of emotion and pain, is a gentle reminder that you're alive.

It's also a reminder that today is yours. That today (and every day) you're the only one who has the choice over your life, your actions, your attitude. You make today. I think at times we take advantage of how we want today to start, we let the negative things impact us and we let that affect our day. We really shouldn't. Negative energies and negative attitudes aren't healthy. They drain you, they change you, and it unfortunately can rub off onto someone else.

Instead, "Be the light". Look at stubbing your toe as a kind reminder to be aware of your surroundings, take waking-up late as everything happens for a reason and make the best of the time you have. Most importantly, appreciate that today you have many choices to be anything but negative. I've witnessed first hand in many situations where people are fighting for their "day" (or simply put fighting for their lives). I've also witnessed first hand people who are in the worst of situations but choose to look at the bright side of things, and instead of looking at life as the "grass is greener on the other side," they choose to water and work on the grass beneath their feet.

Make today that day to inspire, change, create and choose positivity over the grey clouds. Be grateful for the small, rude awakenings of life and embrace the moments you can't change. Choose to be alive today (and every day) and embrace it.

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