How to Find the Real You within ...


How to Find the Real You within ...
How to Find the Real You within ...

Are you wondering how to find the real you? That's a question that lots of girls have. There are so many great things about finding out who you are. Once you discover the you within, you open up whole new world for yourself. Here's what to do.

A play on words? No really dis-cover; remove the cover ladies.

Have you ever looked in mirror and to your amazement saw someone that you have never seen? Your hair is on point, your skin is flawless and a strong sense of self-worth overcomes you, but the look in your eyes is unrecognizable.

It's a glimpse of the true you ladies! She doesn’t surface often, and I say a glimpse because that’s exactly what it is. If you are fortunate enough to witness this exotic creature often, then that makes you one of the blessed ones, so congrats. She is here to stay.

If you have no earthly idea what in the world I am talking about; just keep searching for her and she will arise. Sounds crazy? Stay with me here. As a child I had a wild imagination, which was fine until I started school and, of course was shunned. Well now I am learning that imagination is one of the higher faculties of our minds which we must use if we want our higher selves to surface.

There is a strong, beautiful, intelligent, confident woman within each and every one of us that is just dying to come out. It's her that we talk to when no one's around regardless of what the problem or situation is and it's her that responds to get us back on track.

She knows your true purpose for being here and would love nothing more than to jump right in and get things done! She has been there all along, witnessing all you've had to endure yet understanding the reasoning and intent for each lesson. She has been patiently waiting for her moment to shine. Now is the time ladies!! Let's think and speak positive about ourselves and each other and make things happen with the power from within. We are so much more than the bodies we obsess about. These bodies are just vehicles used to carry around the spirit within.

Let's tap into our beautiful minds using will, perception and intuition and express the brilliance we possess and the rest will fall into place. Stop telling yourself what you can't do and why you can't do it and live the life the true you was designed to live. A life full of abundance, happiness, joy, love, and peace can be yours for the taking. Don't give an ounce of attention to negativity on any level and let's get this thing called life going!

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