It's Time to LLYKYM - Live 🌎 like You Know πŸ’‘ You Matter 😁 ...

It's time to live like you know you matter.

Be Empowered. We hear it, we say it, we are told to do it, and we are told that we are.

Do we actually understand it? Do we believe it? Or, more importantly, do we KNOW it?

There is a galaxy of difference between believing and knowing. You can believe in something and feel a particular way, or you can KNOW something and experience a powerful sensation that speaks to your mind, body, and soul.

The reality is that you are the only you there ever was and ever will be. A supremely unique and beautiful combination like no other on this planet. So, why don’t you really know it? It does not happen when someone else says it or tries to assure you that you are. It happens when you take a step, then another, and evolve into who you are destined to become.

Here's how to live like you matter.

1. Be Still

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Your heart is doing extraordinary work. Upon awakening from your sleep at the start of each day (or eve as your routine would have it), your heart is madly racing to pump blood throughout your being in order for you to function. Depending upon what you did the previous day and all of things your subconscious is queuing up, your mind is a whirlwind of activity.

Before actually getting out of bed, sit for one to two minutes. (No cringing – you can do this!) Allow your heart to do its job and your mind to settle. Sit, breathe, and allow yourself to wake up. No talking, no thinking. This technique is remarkable in that it actually prepares and stabilizes your entire being. Do this and you can shift the entire course of your day. Keep doing it, it shall change your life. That's one great way to live like you matter.

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