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All too often people worry about fitting-in, but uniqueness is what makes everyone special and there are many quotes that celebrate being unique that share this sentiment. Whether you are in high school, college, or well established in your career, you may have felt pressure to fit in. There are dress codes, unwritten rules about how to behave, and popular activities that people may expect you to engage in. However, it is important to recognize that fitting-in and following these unwritten rules is not what is important. What is important is to be yourself and celebrate being unique. All of the following quotes that celebrate being unique will help you embrace your individualism so you can stop trying to fit-in.

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You Are You

You Are You Oscar Wilde wrote many insightful quotes that celebrate being unique, including this perceptive quote. Trying to be like someone else is a fruitless endeavor. You are unique and you are just who you are supposed to be. As Oscar Wilde noted, “Everyone else is already taken.”



Unrepeatable This quote by Eileen Caddy is such a wonderful statement. It emphasizes the important fact that no one can be just like you. Your ideas, style, and personality are all unique to you, and they are not something you want to lose. Keep everything that is unique about you, because it is what makes you unrepeatable.


Unique Perfection

Unique Perfection Perfectionists strive for perfection. However, what if there is something better than being perfect? This quote claims that being an individual is better than being perfect. Indeed, when you are true to yourself and you embrace your unique qualities, you have found something that is better than perfect. You have found your true self!


You Have to like Yourself

You Have to like Yourself Walt Disney was not only a brilliant cartoonist, he was also a very insightful man. This quote from Disney states the fact that liking yourself is one of the most important parts about being unique. You should love everything that makes you unique, because those are the things that make you who you are.


Ignore Critics

Ignore Critics Dr. Seuss’ rhymes are both fun and smart. This particular rhyme emphasizes that you should not care what other people think. If people are being critical of your interests or the way you dress, it can really hurt. However, what people think isn’t what matters. What matters is that you are true to yourself and you embrace your uniqueness.


You Are Irreplaceable

You Are Irreplaceable Because there is no one else in this world quite like you, you are irreplaceable. Being irreplaceable makes you special and important. However, in order to remain irreplaceable you have to continue to be unique and different. Trying to be like everyone else isn’t what makes you special and important. Being who you are is what makes you special and important.


You Are First Rate

You Are First Rate When you try to be like someone else, you only end up being a second rate version of them. Yet, as Judy Garland points out, when you embrace your uniqueness, you end up being a “first rate version of yourself”. Since no one wants to be second rate, you are better off being a first rate individual who embraces their uniqueness.

As all of these quotes emphasize, being unique is more important than trying to fit-in. Being unique allows you to be yourself, and who you are is wonderful. How do you stay true to yourself?

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Being unique it's better than perfect, I just think it's so true.

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