19 Lovely Quotes about Autumn ...

By Ellie

19 Lovely Quotes about Autumn ...

I'm sad that the summer has come to an end, so I thought a post featuring some of my favourite quotes about autumn would cheer me up and, hopefully, get the rest of you looking forward to the chillier weather as well. I hate the cold - two weeks a year would be enough for me - so I tend to dread the time where the nights start to get longer and the days run away from me. There's something lovely about autumn though; we know it's an ending, but it's such a beautiful one that we don't always mind. Here are a few of my favourite quotes about autumn - I hope they get you looking forward to the day when the leaves start to change!

1 Second Spring

Starting off the list of quotes about autumn is a wonderful one from writer and philosopher Albert Camus.

2 Beautiful October

A lovely sentiment from one of my favourite books as a child. Every time I think of October, all I see are fields of orange pumpkins.

3 Falling in Love

I'm a sucker for this sort of quote - it's from award-winning poet and activist Andrea Gibson.

4 Smile

What a wonderful, simple way to describe the season.

5 Dark Evenings

This is from another poet and I like the optimism in it. I'm not sure this is how Humbert intended it to sound but, to me, it sums up the inevitability of the passing of the seasons.

6 Autumn Walks

I love this because autumn is the only time where the weather is cold and yet I still want to be outside. No other season has the same freshness.


Ah, Fitzgerald! One of our most quotable authors, and what a lovely one this is. I love the possibility of the season - the feeling that it's time to move on from past mistakes and start over.

8 An Ending

I love this. It's such a short sentence, but it means so much. The end of summer is always bittersweet.


I love the idea of looking at every fallen leaf as if it were an individual. We do that with snowflakes - trying to catch them on our sleeves - but not so much with leaves when really, they are just as beautiful.

10 Explorers

I don't know about you but autumn always makes me want to get out and roam around the countryside. Whenever the leaves start to change colour, I feel like coming over all Little-House-on-the-Prairie and living off the land. Unfortunately, I live in London.

11 Nostalgia

Do you get that feeling? Whenever the leaves start to fall, I automatically start thinking about autumns past: bike rides with my parents through the mud and the leaves, collecting conkers with my brother - good, happy memories.


I love this - with spring, you have the expectation of summer; with winter, the expectation of Christmas; and with summer, the feeling that you should be always enjoying yourself. Autumn is the season to relax.

13 Blue Skies

Air like cider. Isn't that just lovely?


I love this quote - you kind of feel that autumn doesn't only happen around you, but also to you. You change with the season.


Because I like to think of autumn as a kind of firework display, and this quote sums up that sentiment perfectly.

16 Oh, to Be a Bird

The entire quote is, "Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns." I like this because autumn always seems fleeting. Before you know it, the trees are bare and the world is grey.

17 Crisp Apples

I think autumn always arrives all at once. One minute, you're still frolicking around in bare legs - the next morning, you can see your breath and the world's changed colour.

18 Growing Old

I like this because I think we can grow old beautifully too and we don't remember that enough in our rush to stop it.

19 Gold in Your Pocket

Because it seems like everyone loves autumn!

Feeling more excited about autumn yet? It’s such a beautiful season – a little sad at the same time, but I think there can be a lot of beauty in sadness. I plan to throw myself wholeheartedly into the season this year, with lots of long, windy walks, hot cider and splashing in puddles. What do you love most about autumn?

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