7 Quotes about Testing Times to Give You the Power to Persevere ...

When we go through a difficult time, it can be easy to wallow in self pity; we can sometimes find it hard to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off, but there are some fabulous quotes about testing times to give you the power to persevere in these times of trouble. Life can throw various things at us along the way, but these quotes about testing times are there to remind us that more often than not, a negative can be turned into a positive.

1. "Man Needs Difficulties: They Are Necessary for Health." - Jung

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This great quote about testing times reminds me of the fact that problems are actually good for you. It may not seem it at the time but it's how we approach the difficulties that matters. Will we bury our head in the metaphorical sand or use these difficulties as experiences to help us to grow as a person and possibly help others with their problems?

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