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7 Quotes about Power to Put Some Fire in Your Belly ...

By Rosalina

There are some wonderful quotes about power to put some fire in your belly that I would like to share. Sometimes life can make us feel completely disempowered; as though the whole world is against us. Think about who you look up to and deem powerful and what it is that makes someone powerful? Is it their ability to command the room and hold people's attention or is it their astounding bank balance? Money equals power right?

One of the most famous books about this very subject is Robert Greene's 1998 bestseller, "The 48 Laws of Power". It talks about the attributes of great leaders and how to get to the top. At the surface, it seems like a handbook for the budding Machiavellian, but dig deeper and there are some interesting philosophical nuggets about life and how for example, the keys to power lie in not rushing to take sides in an argument but in maintaining your independence to become the master of others. So, to get you thinking about power and what it truly means to each individual, here are some great quotes about power.

1 Being a Woman

Being a Woman Love her or loathe her and believe me, opinion about Britain's first and only female Prime Minister remains divided, even after her death. She became the epitome of a powerful woman in the 1980s. She had a family and ran the country, and whilst the female labour force in Britain rose and more women took position of seniority in companies, more and more women believed that they could indeed have it all. This quote reminds us that power comes from within and is about what you do and if you have to tell people you're powerful, it means it's not shining through enough. This is one of my favourite quotes about power.

2 Weakness and Power

Weakness and Power This is an interesting quote and reminds us that power can come from simply laying low and biding one's time. Have you ever noticed how sometimes, the people who gain the promotions in your work place are the people who you lease expect to achieve it? It's because they have waited in the wings for their time to come and your time will come too!

3 The Power of Silence

The Power of Silence Ever heard the phrase "Silence is golden"? One of the philosophies to live by is not to speak unless you have something truly valid to say. This quote reminds us that you don't have to shout and scream from the roof tops to demonstrate your power to others. Power can be shown to others by thinking carefully before you speak rather than speaking just for the sake of it. I don't know about you but this is something I sometimes struggle with!

4 Uses and Abuses

Uses and Abuses Plato is essentially asking what would you do with your power? Would you help save lives or would you use it for other means? We have seen what happens to celebrities who have the power to do so much with their celebrity status, but seem to squander the chances to speak to millions and change things that matter. It's what you do with your 'power' that counts.

5 Desires

Desires Have strong desires to achieve and the rest will follow. Your desire to achieve and your strength to persevere is what gives off the air of power. It doesn't matter what people say to bring you down or whether they tell you that it's not possible. Remember, impossible just means "I'm Possible!"

6 No Regrets

No Regrets Sometimes, we can become obsessed about the things that we should have done and the things that we could have done. These thoughts are futile as you can't change anything you have done in the past and wallowing in the regretful river will only make you drown emotionally. Instead, use those regrets to change the future, rather than to keep you festering in the past. Think of them as life lessons rather than regrets and know that had they not happened, you wouldn't be able to change your future for the better.

7 The Unexpected

The Unexpected I couldn't write about power without referring to the famous boxer whose poetic utterances had the power to inspire millions, both in and out of the boxing ring. This is one of my favourite quotes about power and it epitomises the fact that on the exterior, you may look innocuous but when they least expect it, you'll pack the metaphorical punch that will show everyone what you're made of!

So, these are my favourite quote about power which put the fire in my belly when I'm in need of empowerment. Which are yours?

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