7 Classic Audrey Hepburn Quotes That Will Motivate You ...

As one of the most celebrated fashion and movie icons, it isn't difficult to fathom just how powerful some Audrey Hepburn quotes are. Whether credit is due to her intelligent nature or the sophisticated manner in which she carried herself, Ms. Hepburn captured the attention of her diverse audience. Reading a plethora of her interviews has never failed to leave me in awe of her insight. I can only hope that these classic Audrey Hepburn quotes will be just as motivating to you.

1. Elegance

"Elegance is the only beauty that never fades."

When it comes to Audrey Hepburn quotes, these insightful words on the importance of elegance have been remarked as a fan favorite. Elegance is not concerned with the beauty standards perpetuated by the media; it's all about being happy with who you are and never giving in to what others deem as beautiful.