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It's human nature, we all do it - despite how much we do it, there are tons of reasons to stop comparing yourself to others. Every one of us is different; there is no one out there who is just like me, and I wouldn't want there to be - and you should feel the same way, too. Imagine a world filled with all of the same people? Yuck! Here are a few inspirational reasons to stop comparing yourself to others.

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We're All Different

One of the biggest reasons to stop comparing yourself to others is because we are all different. Everyone has a different body shape, a different type of hair, a different style and are different heights; trying to compare yourself to someone who is 6 feet tall when you are 5 feet is just silly. Understand and accept that you are different from anyone else, and being different is a beautiful thing.


Comparing to an Evaluation

When you compare yourself to someone else, you are comparing yourself to your evaluation of that person. For example, you may envy a person's hair, their financial success or her marriage, but remember; what you are comparing yourself to is what you perceive or have evaluated to be so fantastic. She may have amazing hair, but that hair may really be a wig!


Ward off Hype

Part of the reason we compare ourselves to others is because of all of the hype that the media throws down our throats. Magazines, talk shows, even social media channels throw these images of the supposed perfect "style" or "weight" around, and we are convinced that we should also have the same style or be the same weight. Ignore all of that hype about a crazy new style. If you don't like it, don't do it just because the media says it's "cool." And anyway, who wants to look exactly like everyone else?


It's a Bad Habit

You need to understand that comparing yourself to other people is just a bad habit. There is nothing that you gain from comparing yourself to others; in fact, there is a lot that you lose when you compare yourself to others. You lose your sense of self, your pride and even your dignity.


Embrace Yourself

You are you and there is only one you - embrace it! Be proud of your super curly hair or your pointy noise; after all, these are just pieces of you that combine to make the whole you, and you should be proud of you.


Lowers Self Esteem

Another reasons why you should stop comparing yourself to others is because it lowers your self esteem. When you see women that are thin as rails and you have a little meat on your bones, you can really start to get down on yourself and your self esteem can take a bit hit.


Do You

I know I've said over and over again, but there is only one you and that's who you should be. When you compare yourself to others, you kind of lose sight of who you really are. Do it enough and you may not even remember what you really believe, what you really feel and what you really like - and when this happens, you wind up being pretty fake.

So, go ahead and look at those magazine spreads and admire that woman with the super stylish wardrobe, but just remember; you are you, and there's no one else quite like you - and that women with the super stylish wardrobe may actually envy you! Why do you think its a drag to compare yourself to others.

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It is so hard though, we are made to believe that every man wants all women to look the same as eachother and a particular way. If it wasn't true then how comes that certain type of woman is the only thing advertised. It's not easy to love yourself especially when you've been bullied.

Sooo right! When I find myself measuring me by looking at someone else, I know there is some underlying reason: I need an excuse for either doing something, or not doing it. Comparing yourself to The Duchess of Windsor is a great reason not to do something you probably want to or should do! Sometimes the hardest thing is just to be YOURSELF

But how do you stop comparing?

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