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7 Steps to Overcoming Materialism ...

By Alicia

Overcoming materialism can be done. You are struggling with materialism when you care more than you should about having possessions or the size of your bank account. While it is a good thing to want to have enough things and money to have security, it can become a problem if you focus on it too much. These are some steps you can take to overcoming materialism.

1 Realize You Are Materialistic

The first step to overcoming materialism is to realize you struggle with it. Having issues with materialism doesn’t make you a bad person. It is simply an area that you need to work on. You can overcome it if you put effort into it. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your possessions; it only becomes a problem when your love of things and money is more important to you than it should be.

2 Realize Possessions Don’t Stay New

If you can realize that possessions do not stay new forever, it can help you to feel less materialistic. Nothing stays new forever. Things rust, break down and wear out over time. Realizing that possessions are temporary can be helpful to you. Most people feel less materialistic when they can grasp this.

3 Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself to buy something that is not a name brand. You might even want to challenge yourself to not spend any money for a while. If you are more obsessed with keeping up with how much money you have, you may want to try to go a few days in between checking your bank accounts. Breaking out of your normal routines can help you to combat materialism. You may not be as tempted to go back to your regular habits.

4 Think of Your Possible Savings

If you struggle with materialism in the way of wanting to have the latest and greatest, you can move past that by considering how much you could save by not buying those things. You may decide that living in a more frugal manner is beneficial. You could decide those benefits outweigh the newest trinket or clothing item. Watching your savings grow can be as fulfilling or more so than wanting to have more possessions. Knowing you are spending your money wisely can be its own reward.

5 Shop at Different Stores

If you are obsessed with having clothing from only one store, you could make the decision to switch stores for a while. Realize that it is okay to wear clothes from somewhere else. You don’t have to have everything from one particular store. Who knows, you may be surprised and end up liking clothing from somewhere else.

6 Realize Money Comes and Money Goes

This is an important life lesson that most of us have to learn. Money comes and money goes. It is wise to not get too attached to having certain things because there may come a time when you cannot afford them. It is better to have an attitude of gratitude for the things that you do have than to be bitter when times are financially hard. It isn’t things that make you happy; it is your decision to be happy that makes you happy.

7 Realize People Are What Really Matter

It is important to realize that people are what really matter in life, not things. Think about a time when you may have had a crisis in your family. Did it matter what you were wearing or driving? No, it only matters that your family is okay. This is a quick way to put things in perspective.

Materialism is something that everyone feels a little bit of every now and then. I hope this article has gave you some good pointers in winning against it. Have you ever felt materialistic?

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