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10 Great Tips to Follow when Youre Feeling Lonely in Your Life ...

By RedGoldPink

Feeling Lonely? Try this 😊

Table of contents:

  1. Call someone ☎️
  2. Turn on some music 🎶
  3. Dance 💃
  4. Self-fulfillment works well
  5. Beautify yourself
  6. Have a cheat day
  7. Buy yourself something you want 🤣
  8. Take yourself on a date
  9. Please yourself sexually
  10. Be unbothered 🙃

1 Call Someone ☎️

Even if you think you have no one, reach out to people. You may find that there is someone in your corner. Iknow there are a couple of numbers in your phone try calling anyone, it won't hurt even if they fail you. Tell the person you call how you feel.

2 Turn on Some Music 🎶

Music is medicine there is a song out there for every feeling.

Listen to these songs!
• Bibi Bourelly, Earl St Clair -Perfect

• G-Eazy -Me, Myself, & I

• PharrellWilliams -Happy

• Sara Bareilles -Sit on the dock of the bay

3 Dance 💃

No one is watching so let loose and lose control to this mix!

• Chris Porter -The Water Dance

• Alberto Flash -Mi Chica Sexy

• Jacquees -Feel It

• Jason Derulo -Swalla

4 Self-Fulfillment Works Well

You don't need people to make you happy 😊 so take pride in self-fulfillment!

5 Beautify Yourself

Do your hair and makeup. If you feel beautiful you'll forget about being lonely 😍.

6 Have a Cheat Day

Eat something you love 😋 Don't use food as comfort but having some chocolate can put you in a better mood.

7 Buy Yourself Something You Want 🤣

Go get that top you've been eyeing or that movie you want to watch! Treat yourself.

8 Take Yourself on a Date

Nothing says you can't spoil yourself on a night out- go somewhere you ❤️.

9 Please Yourself Sexually

Feeling lonely but also frisky? Take this loneliness to get to know yourself 😉.

10 Be Unbothered 🙃

Sometimes you have to just not care if your lonely, broke, or whatever. If you don't want to be lonely just be happy!

Being lonely isn't always a bad thing. You can learn a lot about yourself being alone! I believe everything happens for a reason, if your lonely figure out the reason that may be…

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