10 Great Tips to Follow when You're Feeling Lonely in Your Life ...


10 Great Tips to Follow when You're Feeling Lonely in Your Life ...
10 Great Tips to Follow when You're Feeling Lonely in Your Life ...

Feeling Lonely? Try this 😊

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Call Someone ☎️

Even if you think you have no one, reach out to people. You may find that there is someone in your corner. Iknow there are a couple of numbers in your phone try calling anyone, it won't hurt even if they fail you. Tell the person you call how you feel.


Turn on Some Music 🎶

Music is medicine there is a song out there for every feeling.

Listen to these songs!
• Bibi Bourelly, Earl St Clair -Perfect

• G-Eazy -Me, Myself, & I

• PharrellWilliams -Happy

• Sara Bareilles -Sit on the dock of the bay


Dance 💃

No one is watching so let loose and lose control to this mix!

• Chris Porter -The Water Dance

• Alberto Flash -Mi Chica Sexy

• Jacquees -Feel It

• Jason Derulo -Swalla


Self-Fulfillment Works Well

You don't need people to make you happy 😊 so take pride in self-fulfillment!


Beautify Yourself

Do your hair and makeup. If you feel beautiful you'll forget about being lonely 😍.


Have a Cheat Day

Eat something you love 😋 Don't use food as comfort but having some chocolate can put you in a better mood.


Buy Yourself Something You Want 🤣

Go get that top you've been eyeing or that movie you want to watch! Treat yourself.


Take Yourself on a Date

Nothing says you can't spoil yourself on a night out- go somewhere you ❤️.


Please Yourself Sexually

Feeling lonely but also frisky? Take this loneliness to get to know yourself 😉.


Be Unbothered 🙃

Sometimes you have to just not care if your lonely, broke, or whatever. If you don't want to be lonely just be happy!

Being lonely isn't always a bad thing. You can learn a lot about yourself being alone! I believe everything happens for a reason, if your lonely figure out the reason that may be…

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