7 Facts about Life You Need to Accept to Find True Happiness ...


Life isn't always a party. There are plenty of horrible things that are going to happen to you, but you're going to find the strength within yourself to make it through those tough times. The world can be a miserable place, but it's important to learn from the bad things in order to grow. Here are a few unfortunate facts about life you need to accept to find true happiness:

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You Don't Know Everything

It's impossible to know everything, even about a subject that you're well educated in. There's always going to be someone out there that's smarter than you, prettier than you, and more talented than you. Instead of getting depressed over it, you need to use the fact to your advantage. It'll force you to stop comparing yourself to others. Sure, there are people that are "better" than you, but there are also tons of people that are "worse" than you, too.


Nothing Lasts

Boys can dump you, friends can stop keeping in touch, and family members can die. Instead of worrying about when those horrible days will occur, you should enjoy every moment you get to spend with your loved ones. They won't always be there, so you have to make sure you enjoy them while they're around. Don't take a second for granted.


Money Matters

We like to claim that money isn't important, but of course it is. No, you don't need millions of dollars to be happy, but it certainly helps to earn enough to support your family. Don't make the mistake of assuming money really doesn't matter. You need it to survive.


Your Heart Will Get Broken

You may be lucky enough to find your true love early in life, get married, and have kids. Even if your relationship is healthy enough to avoid divorce, he's still going to hurt you at one point or another. Maybe it'll be something small, like him insulting your favorite dress, but it'll happen. Don't get depressed over it. If you love and respect each other, you'll move past it.


You'll Feel like a Bad Person

You're going to do some bad things. Maybe you'll break up with a boyfriend via text. Maybe you'll get into a fist fight with your BFF. Maybe you'll steal money from a stranger on a train. While you certainly shouldn't set out to do bad things, you can't hate yourself too much because of them. Everyone makes mistakes. You just have to learn from them.


A Degree Isn't a Ticket to Success

Education is important, but it won't guarantee you any success. A Harvard graduate can end up making less money than a high school dropout who started their own business. That doesn't mean you should stop learning. It just means that you need to realize that success takes more than a degree.


Some People Won't like You

You're going to come across some people who hate you so much that they won't want to even look at you. It doesn't mean that you're a bad person. It just means that you clash with that specific person. You can't get along with everyone. There are even some people out there who hate Beyonce, so don't stress out over your likability.

These unfortunate truths shouldn't depress you. They should encourage you to make the most of your time on this planet and be happy with whom you are. Can you say that you're truly happy?

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You can be the sweetest girl in the world with the best intentions and people will find a reason to hate you, maybe because of jealousy. And while you are young and beautiful enjoy and experiment with fashion, because you won't always have those powerful good looks and gorgeous legs.

Here's another piece of advice I'll share.....just be the best you can at how you want to live your life.....be happy and you'll be healthy....and don't sweat the small stuff.😊😊

So true... Love this article

Aahh life is hard!

Life will always show up, sometimes we HAVE to saddle up and ride the Horse of life. We just need to enjoy the RIDE.

11. You're never alone.

Great advice for any young lady!! I've learned all these lessons.

Thank you so much for this

All women *are not is srry

I agree 100% with @Serene

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