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5 Basic Rules of Psychology for a Happier Life ...

By Clarrie

There are some basic rules of psychology for a happier life that you should know. Navigating this thing that we call life is our greatest challenge and our greatest adventure, but it would be fair to say that sometimes it can be easy and sometimes it can be incredibly hard!

Thanks to the many facets of psychology that have been developed over the years, we are now more in tune with coping mechanisms than ever before. If you are somebody who feels like that are in need of some help and advice when it comes to dealing with your life in general, then read through these five basic rules of psychology for a happier life and will make life much easier to deal with!

1 People Don’t Care as Much as You Might Think

It can be very easy to get into your own head and start thinking that people are being much more judgmental about your choices in life than they actually are. The truth is that every single person in the world is prone to suspicion and introspection, and this leads to believing that you are being judged by others when really they are more concerned with themselves! Hopefully you can find some freedom in the thought that you aren’t being persecuted in the ways that you might imagine. Remembering that other people aren't paying as much attention as you think is one of the most basic rules of psychology for a happier life.

2 You Are Constantly Changing

If you are unhappy at the particular moment, perhaps stuck in a life rut, then you can find comfort in the fact that as human beings, we are constantly changing and evolving in our surroundings. Every experience we have changes us, and though you might feel despondent right now, in a month’s time you may well look back in hindsight and not feel nearly as bad as you did.

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3 Stop Comparing Yourself

Rather than falling into a pit of despair by comparing yourself negatively to others, start working toward making changes in your life that will elevate you to the same level or even higher than those who you are always thinking about. At the end of the day, you can only be yourself, so be proactive about your own future rather than dwelling on others.

4 Don’t Assume You’re Being Listened to

Do you ever find yourself completely frustrated by a friend or family member who has made the same mistakes over and over again, despite the great advice that you give them? To preserve your own patience and sanity, you need to let go of the notion that everything you say to every single person makes an impact. It’s not that they are ignoring your wisdom, it’s just that they aren’t in the right frame of mind to accept it yet!

5 Controlling Your Own Responses

At the end of the day, the only human responses in the world that you can control are your own. Rather than projecting your pain or frustration through the actions of others, concentrate instead on controlling your own emotions. It will make you a more measured and assured person, happier to take on the world!

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