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Girls Guide to Focusing Your Energy for a Better Life ...

By Vivian

It's true that how you think directly affects how things affect you. We currently live in a time when we can have almost anything at our fingertips. Phones are always in our hands and soon there will be more self-driving cars than people-driven cars. This is a time when we expect and want everything now and are not good at waiting for things. We don’t want to put the energy into making changes. This way of thinking has only made making changes in our lives even harder because we can’t wait to see our desired results, but if we want situations and things to change in our lives we have to put the time, energy and effort in to make it happen. That's why it's important to think about how you think directly affects how things affect you.

How we think and how we focus our energy can really affect making changes happen in our lives. Just saying that we want something is not going to manifest it, but meditating on what we want and putting energy into getting what we want will certainly impact a positive outcome, just as giving up on an idea won’t have the best outcome. The idea of if you think it, it will be has a lot to do with getting what you want.

Energy is all around us and how we use this energy affects our everyday lives. Do you look at the glass as half empty or half full? Are you always waiting for the other shoe to drop and never satisfied with what you have? How you think directly affects how things affect you. Your thoughts have wings and take on a life of their own, so it is just as easy to use your positive energy in envisioning the future in a good way as it is in dwelling on the negative and allowing yourself to feel doom and gloom for your future.

Fate does intervene at times and can affect all that you are trying to make happen in a good or bad way, but that is all part of life. If we make no attempt to manifest our desires, how can we expect them to take shape? Life happens no matter what, but once you harness your energy it happens more the way you want it to happen. So, take an active role in creating your heart’s desire by using your energy in a positive way to achieve contentment in your life.

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