10 Steps to Take for Girls Who Want to Live Life More Confidently ...


10 Steps to Take for Girls Who Want to Live Life More Confidently ...
10 Steps to Take for Girls Who Want to Live Life More Confidently ...

Confidence and success are, in many ways, synonymous! When you're confident in your work life and how you generally present yourself, you naturally live a more successful life! For many of us though, confidence doesn't come naturally and must be put into practice. Here are 10 steps to practice being the confident and beautiful self that you truly are!

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Define Your Goals 📝

If you could imagine your dream job, what would it be? Figure out what you want to do in life, what your passionate about and what steps you need to take to get there. Once you define your goals, a more confident you is that much closer!


Save 💰 when Possible

Being confident and successful means your finances are under control and well managed. If you haven't already, create a savings account and determine what percentage of your monthly paycheck will go into that account. Financial stability is empowering!


Prioritize Your Activities ✅

The most efficient use of your time is to prioritize your daily tasks and work though your goals in that way. First item of importance always come first, and so forth. Your goals will be reached faster when you utilize your time well!


Set Realistic Goals 💁🏻

Make sure your goals are sustainable and feasible. Envisioning your desires has a practical side as well-finances and time are key roles here. Dream big, but also set realistic goals and have someone keep you accountable to them!


Have Friends in High Places 🙌🏻

Keep company with those who you aspire to be like, who's live's you want to emulate and who are goal-oriented and confident. And don't forget, these role models should also be humble, generous and kind of heart! You'll become like the company you keep, or so they say.


Who do You Want to Be? Define It! 🤔

Tell yourself daily who you want to become and who you ARE. Mantras are quite useful in mental encouragement and support the drive to keep moving forward. Define who you want to be, in your character and in your aspirations, and go for it!


Be Grateful 😌

Don't forget to constantly be grateful for what you have! Having a positive perspective on life and being constantly aware of what blessings you do have, means you won't be entitled, arrogant and succumb to negatively (and thus, lack of confidence.)!


Eat Well! 🍎🍐🌽

Your body is a temple- If you don't treat it right, it won't preform for you! Eat a balanced diet, don't skip meals, get exercise, and drink plenty of water! Your focus and productivity will effectively increase.


Get Your Daily Reading in 🤓📖

Reading daily has its definite benefits! It expands your vocabulary so you're able to communicate better, keeps your mind sharp, and you're constantly learning something new!


Don't Forget to Recharge 💆🏼

In the midst of all your goal setting and confidence building, don't forget to do something that recharges you! Taking care of you by allowing time for relaxation is vital for a productive life.

Confidence is something anyone can achieve with the proper goals set aside and the right attitude and mindset! It may take time but you will get there! It's all about knowing your value and worth as a person, that you are personally significant, and it's in believing that life is a process and success is not a destination. 💗💗💗

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I agree. The key is to make use of your strengths and embrace your weaknesses.

Love this

This is useful post and you shared a lot of helpful tips ! Thank you for posting this . Any advice on the friends section ? For someone that has tried to approach people that are socialites?


Love this!!

What a great post! Thank you!

Totally agreed

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