10 Lessons We Can Learn πŸ€“ from Buddha πŸ™ for a Better Life 🌎 ...

It would probably be fair to say than whenever you think about those who live the most spiritual lives and adhere to the most fulfilling spiritual teachings, visions of Buddhists and Buddha come to mind. This is no surprise as Buddhism is absolutely associated with an elevated understand and applying of wisdom, something that we could all do with in these stressful and anxiety inducing times, I think we can all agree! Here are ten lessons we can learn from Buddha to live a better life.

1. Actions Have Consequences

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You do anything in life without first considering what it is going to mean for you and for those around you. Acting blindly might feel good sometimes, but you need to understand that every action has a consequence. It’s up to you to decide whether it is worth it or not.

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