That Ocean of Your Soul ...


That Ocean of Your Soul ...
That Ocean of Your Soul ...

Their words spun like a cyclone,
Howling through the dark of night,
Promising acceptance,
If you gave up all your light,
But block your eyes my darling,
You are not a brittle stone,
This storm cannot elude you,
For you're more than blood and bone,
You're deeper than the ocean,
Both unstoppable and free,
And nothing can control,
The wild intentions of the sea,
So when they try to shape you,
Slip like water from their palms,
For wind should know it's reckless,
To disturb the ocean's calm,
You have the right to be here,
Every right to what you feel,
And the wind can howl forever,
But the ocean will not kneel,
So do not let them change you,
Send your waves out far and wide,
And let them learn the hard way,
That you can't command the tide.


This poem is so moving it relates to you in some ways, it may broad to some people, but to the open-minded ones they get. Society and the people around you influence you a lot and somehow ever since you can remember they tell you what you might or should become. They call you rebel when you don't obey, some rules are worth following through some of them you bend or break them when you feel like it's necessary. When you were born, you are one. You can't tame the ocean that is raging from deep within. It would create a storm that would slam the depths of your soul. Poems were made by a magnificent artist who has the mind of great wonders and put together words that would create a majestic masterpiece. And just like the arts in a gallery, you will have your own perspective, opinion, interpretation of what the arts were about. Poems are spectacular works of art, it speaks to you in ways that touch your heart and moves your soul.

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