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10 Things to Tell Yourself if You Are Spending Christmas Alone ...

By Deeceebee

Christmas is just around the corner, and depending on your own personal situation, it might be the case that you are spending the holiday by yourself this year rather than with any family or friends. Whether it is by choice or by ruined plans or anything else, the thing to remember is that you are most certainly not the only one. It’s only one day of the year after all! Here are ten things to tell yourself if you are going to spend Christmas alone.

1 My Dog/Cat Loves Me!

Who needs Aunt Debbie and Uncle Charlie asking you awkward questions about your love life when you could just as easily be spending an afternoon on the couch with the person that loves you the most in the entire world, your loyal kitty or pooch!

2 It’s Cheaper

When you don’t have to worry about feeding and gifting for dozens of people, you can afford to treat yourself to some real festive luxury and STILL end up saving lots of money. It’s a win/win situation!

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3 Your Time off is All Years

On those precious days that you get off over Christmas, you can now do exactly what you want with them because you aren’t faced with lots of family commitments that you didn’t want to undertake in the first place. Hawaii? Go for it! Vegas? Sure!

4 You Can Hide from Relationship Stuff

For some reason, distant family members love nothing more than to delve right into your love life like they are police detectives. If you are spending the day alone, then you don’t have to fend off all those infuriating inquiries.

5 Netflix is Trendy

There might have been a time when bingeing Netflix on Christmas Day was seen as a sad thing, but not anymore! Given the choice, I think pretty much all of us would choose to have the kind of day that you might be having!

6 Christmas Cheer is Not a Requirement

Here’s the thing, if you aren’t feeling particularly festive, then you don’t have to put on a front because you won’t have any company that you need to keep up appearances for! You don’t have to fake your way through Christmas if you’re just spending it with yourself.

7 No Cringe

There are always loads of cringe-inducing things that happen when families are forced to come together for an entire day or couple of days. Just thank your lucky stars that you don’t have to go through that ordeal this year!

8 No Arguments

Christmas arguments are just as regular as the big day itself, so skipping the dinner and the party this year is the most effective way to remove yourself from any drama.

9 Helping a Local Business

If you are spending Christmas alone then you can afford to head out to a restaurant for your festive meal. In doing so, you can tell yourself that you are helping out a local business on a special day!

10 Life is What You Make It

There is no rule set in stone stating that there is only one proper way to spend Christmas. Ultimately, your life is what you make of it, so don’t feel pressured in to spending time with people you don’t like, or don’t feel sad that you weren’t able to this time around.

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