7 Things You Must Give up to Move Forward ...


7 Things You Must Give up to Move Forward  ...
7 Things You Must Give up to Move Forward  ...

Even when you are going through the best of times, life can be super complicated. Due to the nature of humans and the way that we have a tendency to keep looking back rather than only looking forward, there is always the chance that you can get bogged down in yesterday’s baggage and have it negatively impact on your ambitions for tomorrow. Here are seven things you must give up to move forward with your life.

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Stop Running from Problems

You are never going to be able to run away from your problems forever, they always catch up with you in the end. Instead, make the effort to confront obstacles whenever you meet them, and come up with a way to fix it in the moment rather than leaving it to another day.


Stop Worrying about past Shame

Everything that has happened in the past is unchangeable. Things that you might have done that you feel shame and regret about are always going to be part of your story, but they don’t have to define your future. You need to let go of regrets and redirect that energy in to making your future better.


Stop Procrastinating

It might seem like doing some tomorrow instead of today doesn’t make much of a difference, but then what about those things that you could have been doing tomorrow that you now have to put off? Procrastination is a vicious cycle of bad productivity that you need to pull yourself out of ASAP.


Stop Making Excuses

You need to stop making excuses and start making decisions in their place. Being indecisive and elusive is just as bad as being a procrastinator; both traits lead to wasting time and missing out on potentially important opportunities.


Stop Being Empty Handed

Try not to ever be found sitting empty-handed in a situation. You should never be present in a place where you have absolutely nothing to do. Every day is a new chance to improve yourself or make a difference for someone, so try not to be sedentary at any time.


Stop Listening to Other People’s Opinions

You really need to let go of being obsessed with how other people see you and think about you. We can’t make everyone like us, and we also can’t control other people’s personal thoughts, so consuming yourself with making sure that are seen in a certain way is always going to be a losing battle.


Stop Not Appreciating What You Have

Stop living life at such a fast pace that you don’t have time to take heed and appreciate what you have. Don’t get jealous of what you didn’t have in the past, be optimistic and appreciative that you might get the chance to have more in the future.

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