15 Inspiring 🌈 Ways to Be a Friend 👭 Worth Having 💎 ...

The older you get, the more you realize that friends aren’t as easy to come by and to keep as they were at school. You used to just be put in a classroom together and bond over shared time and shared experiences, but when adulthood hits, friendships become something that take more and more work to cultivate and grow. This is often down to the behavior that you choose to show. Here are fifteen ways to be a friend worth having!

1. Be Present

Always be there with a friend when they are in need. Don’t just pay attention to the relationship when it suits you.

2. Be Authentic

You can’t pretend to be a different person forever; you need to be authentic to really make lasting connections with people.

3. Listen

Just be there to lend an ear when someone needs to talk; listening is a more cherished skill than talking.

4. Be Loyal

Be true to them; they will appreciate someone having their back and will repay you with the very same loyalty.

5. Be Flexible

It shouldn’t always be about what you want and when you can do things. Be flexible with your time and make sure to fit everything and everyone in.

6. Be Honest

People value honesty, and they can tell when you aren’t being truthful. Don't tell white lies and your friendship will be stronger for it.

7. Be Supportive

Always be supportive of people’s venture and ambitions, even if they aren’t necessarily things that you would want to do yourself.

8. Improve Each Other

Instead of bringing each other down, you should always be looking for ways to improve each other’s lives.

9. Communicate

Be as open and communicative as you can, because the clearer your communication channels are, the closer you will be.

10. Be Respectful

It’s important to respect your friend’s boundaries the same way that you hope they would respect yours. You don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

11. Enjoy Silence

Be one of those people who doesn’t mind enjoying a little silence with a friend. The people who have to fill every second with noise are the ones who aren’t as close.

12. Be Observant

Make sure to be observant of their moods, so that you can adjust your own behaviour accordingly. You need to be very emotionally intelligent.

13. Attend!

Show up to the things that you are supposed to who up at! Being a flake is the opposite way to make yourself a friend worth having.

14. Two-Way Street

Remember that good friendship is a two-way street. You can’t expect to get love and respect from a friend if you aren’t willing to give it back.

15. Give Advice

Always be willing to listen to a friend’s problem and be happy to give advice on whatever they are going through. Sometimes just having someone who is showing concern and trying to problem solve is enough.