How to Stop Taking Things Personally ...


How to Stop Taking Things Personally ...
How to Stop Taking Things Personally ...

I think it’s fair to say that we are currently living in a society and culture that absolutely LOVES to get offended by things, something things that don’t even relate to the directly. Here’s the thing, I love taking a moral high ground now and then, but when you start not being able to live a normal life because you are too busy holding grudges and fighting with people that aren’t even important to you, that’s when you might need to readdress some priorities. Here are some pointers on how to stop taking things personally.

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Question Beliefs

If you find that you are taking offence to more things that you used to, or to things that are now just the common ways of life, then you might want to consider questioning what kind of beliefs you hold. Your interpretations of things are what causes you to take them personally, so why don’t you examine whether it actually might be you who needs to change instead of everything around you.


Stop Worrying

Believe it or not, not everything in the entire world revolves around you! We are all innately selfish and we all put more importance on ourselves that we deserve, so at the end of the day, if you don’t want to be so offended, just stop worrying so much about what other people might think of you!


Spotlight Effect

A lot of time, people tend to feel like something is being aimed directly at them when that simply isn’t the case at all. It is called the spotlight effect, and it results in you taking everything personally because you truly believe that every subtle inference made at work or at home is about something that you have done! This is never the case, so you need to work on turning that spotlight off in your mind!



A lot of taking things personally and being offended can often stem from being very insecure and having low esteem. The first reaction is to hit and protect yourself when you think something negative is being done or said about you. The only way you can ease these feelings for yourself is to work on lots of self-care and eventually get your self-confidence and self-esteem up to a point where you can let things just roll off your back like a duck and water!


Get Busy

Here’s the thing, you only have time to take things personally if you are sat around doing nothing with your life! Throw yourself into lots of things at work and in your personal life and you will find that you are simply too busy to take any small things to heart in the same way that you used to.



Pay absolutely ZERO attention to trolls online. If you are being personally attacked by a someone who doesn't have a name or a real profile picture, then they probably hate themselves even more than you hate them, and their cowardly actions don’t deserve any brain time of your own. They aren’t aiming to hurt you for any specific reason, they are just looking for a rise.

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