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We all know J.K. Rowling as the writer who created Harry Potter. However, she's so much more than that. She's also an incredibly intelligent woman who has a lot of great advice to give. Here are a few inspirational J.K. Rowling quotes that'll inspire you to chase after your dreams:

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You Can't Be Afraid to Fail

You Can't Be Afraid to Fail You can't let the fear of failure control your life. Whenever you try to accomplish something, whether it's becoming a writer or turning your crush into your boyfriend, you risk failing. However, that can't stop you from going for what you want. If you never try to reach your goals, then you're never going to succeed. It's impossible if you don't try.


You Need to Be Brave to Succeed

You Need to Be Brave to Succeed You need to be brave to become someone you're proud of. You need to take chances. You need to believe in yourself. Above all, you need to find strength within yourself and do whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams.


We're All Magical

We're All Magical Harry Potter isn't the only one with magic inside of him. Each and every one of us are magical, because we possess the ability to do whatever we want to do in life. There just aren't any spells to take the easy way out.


Your Looks Aren't Everything

Your Looks Aren't Everything Don't let your appearance or your weight hold you back in life. Being a few pounds heavier than you want to be isn't all that big of a deal. As long as you're a nice, caring individual, then you're doing the right thing.


Don't Let Your Friends Push You around

Don't Let Your Friends Push You around Don't let your friends make fun of you for wanting to be an artist. Don't let them tease you about your hobbies, either. Standing up to your friends can be way more difficult than standing up to your enemies, but you can't let yourself get walked over.


Even Your Worst Days Have Positive Parts

Even Your Worst Days Have Positive Parts Even when times gets rough, there will always be positive things in your life. You just have to stay optimistic and appreciate everything that you do have instead of worrying about the things that you wish you had.


Your Lowest Point in Life Can Actually Inspire You

Your Lowest Point in Life Can Actually Inspire You J.K. Rowling wasn't always the successful woman we see today. When she was younger, she was a struggling writer who was running low on money. However, she didn't let her unfortunate position hamper her dreams. She used it as a platform to rebuild her life.


Success Doesn't Determine Happiness

Success Doesn't Determine Happiness Even though J.K. Rowling created one of the most successful series of all time, she knows that she's much more than the lady who wrote Harry Potter. She gains happiness from her family and her friends, not just her success.


Your past Doesn't Determine Your Future

Your past Doesn't Determine Your Future It doesn't matter if you grew up poor. It doesn't matter if you grew up without parents. Your past does not reflect your future in any way. You can become anything that you want to be, despite what your childhood was like.

J.K. Rowling is proof that anyone with enough courage and commitment can achieve their goals. So take her advice and go after your dreams, no matter how big or small they are. If you're a Harry Potter fan (and who isn't?) what's your favorite quote from the series?

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You listed all the reasons why J.K. Rowling is, and always will be, my icon and rile model.

J K Rowling made me a Potterhead 👌🏼

Very inspirational and amazing writing!

So true love these quotes. What an inspiring woman she is

These are really inspirational!!! I will read them to myself when im not in the mood or was having bad day

Love this article thumbs up

#9 is my favorite:)

Good ones

Wow I love these and now have a newfound respect for her!

So inspiring!

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