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These Quotes about Dads Will Give You the Warm and Fuzzies ...

By Jennifer

Dads are our first heroes, the first men we'll ever love, and this Father's Day, why not share a few quotes about dads to make him smile, and possibly make him tear up a little bit? Here are a few of my favorite quotes about dads.

1 Always Look up to Him

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2 First Love

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3 That's so True

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4 He May Not Be Here but...

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5 Dads Always Provide

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6 Dads Are Heroes!

Dads Are Heroes!

7 More Hero Stuff

More Hero Stuff

8 The Nautical Theme

The Nautical Theme

9 Your Dad is Everything

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10 Father Vs. Dad

Father Vs. Dad

11 Dads: the Ultimate Instruction Book

Dads: the Ultimate Instruction Book

12 That's Where the Cookies Are

That's Where the Cookies Are

13 My Favorite!

My Favorite!

14 Lead by Example

Lead by Example

15 Who is Dad?

Who is Dad?

16 From Freud

From Freud

17 The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

18 Small Fingers

Small Fingers

19 A Poem

A Poem

20 The Heart

The Heart

21 Dad's Wallet

Dad's Wallet

22 By Billy

By Billy

23 Don't Tell Mom!

Don't Tell Mom!

24 He Lives Here

He Lives Here

25 Two Things

Two Things

26 Step-Dads, Too

Step-Dads, Too

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