7 Inspirational Quotes for Girls Who like Girls ...

Adolescence is a weird, tricky time for everyone, but especially for LGBTQA teens. You might feel alienated, or like you need to lie to yourself and others in order to fit in. But just know that you—not you that you show the world, but the YOU that you were born as—is beautiful, unique, and valuable! Here are some inspirational quotes to reassure you of that!

1. Harry Winston

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Part of being a minority is being watched, judged, and criticized. It’s just a package deal in our society. So what you ought to do is make the most of an uncomfortable situation. Open the minds of close-minded people, who don’t realize that girls who like girls are just as amazing as anyone else! You aren’t plotting to tear apart the fabric of society; you are just a human being who deserves respect.

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