9 Inspirational Quotes to Help Build Your Self-Esteem ...


9 Inspirational Quotes to Help Build Your Self-Esteem ...
9 Inspirational Quotes to Help Build Your Self-Esteem ...

Sometimes I go online and look for inspirational quotes to help me feel inspired when I write, need a creativity jump start, or just for a plain old pick-me-up for my self-esteem. In my quest for good quotes, I have found 9 that resonate with me. So, here are some of my favorite inspirational quotes by some pretty awesome people that will help you love and appreciate you!

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“the Worst Loneliness is to Not Be Comfortable with Yourself.” – Mark Twain

Mark Twain was a man of exquisite words. His works still have great impact on the world of literature today. The quote above simply helps people to understand the value of being comfortable with who you really are. It helps build self-esteem, because it shows you that even people of greatness need to believe in and be comfortable with themselves, before anyone else does. It's definitely one of my favorite inspirational quotes.


“Low Self-esteem is like Driving through Life with Your Hand-break on.”– Maxwell Maltz

Maxwell was a writer and best-selling author who believed in self-help. His quote is great because he is basically saying that your insecurities and hang-ups stop you from experiencing life at its fullest. So, try to think of that way, and you’ll be helping yourself loads in the process!


“to Establish True Self-esteem We Must Concentrate on Our Successes and Forget about the Failures and the Negatives in Our Lives.” – Denis Waitley

I don’t think I could’ve have said it better myself. It’s pretty self-explanatory. If you want to build your self-esteem from within, focus on the positives successes and shuttle those failures out (treat them as a learning experience)! Once you focus on the positive, it’s easier to see what lies ahead, rather than dwelling on the negativity in the present.


"Self Pity is Our Worst Enemy and if We Yield to It, We Can Never do Anything Wise in the World." – Helen Keller

Helen Keller was a woman who fought and pushed through her ailments to get an education and to overall excel. Take a cue from her and learn that feeling bad for yourself will only keep you stagnant. If you let it take over you, any decision you make will be haunted by it. Don’t let that happen! Trust your instinct, love yourself and move forward!


"to Wish You Were Someone else is to Waste the Person You Are.” – Sven Goran Eriksson

This Swedish football manager just about summed it up. Even if you aren’t happy with every part of you, it doesn’t mean there isn’t something you absolutely adore about yourself too. Channel those positive feelings about that part of yourself, and eventually try to expand that notion until you appreciate and are comfortable with the person you are!


“We Should All Start to Live before We Get Too Old. Fear is Stupid. so Are Regrets.” – Marilyn Monroe

I admire Ms. Marilyn because she wasn’t afraid to be herself, even though she had insecurities. It’s important to have that strength in yourself too! If you live your life fearful of doing something you regret because of your self-esteem, then nothing amazing will ever become of your life. If you are confident and willing to conquer your dreams, life would be more enjoyable, and it wouldn’t have passed by as a dull memory in old age.


“Everyone is like a Butterfly, They Start out Ugly and Awkward and then Morph into Beautiful Graceful Butterflies That Everyone Loves” – Drew Barrymore

I love Drew because she’s confident and through all of the trials and tribulations in her life, she has gotten through it. You don’t have to know what you want, or where you want to be in life from the beginning. As long as you know whom you are at the core, or whom want to be, you will blossom into a confident beautiful creature. The essence of her quote is that the way you are now is not forever. You will eventually become the best version of you in the future. Just you wait.


“I Don't Entirely Approve of Some of the Things I Have Done, or Am, or Have Been. but I'm Me. God Knows, I'm Me.” – Elizabeth Taylor

This actress was a woman with style, grace and ease. But, she had a great philosophy on mistakes. If you have regrets about something you have done in the past, don’t spend too much time on them. They are a part of you, and only you and the deity you believe (or don’t believe) in can judge you for it. So keep your head held high, ladies!


“I'm Not Pretty, I Am Not Beautiful. I Am as Radiant as the Sun.” – Katniss Everdeen (the Hunger Games) by Suzanne Collins

Though Katniss is a character in the novel The Hunger Games, she is one tough cookie. In order for her to realize her true potential she has to believe she has worth and can accomplish any feat. You should adopt that same confident attitude.

These are but a few inspirational quotes that help me realize what I want to do with my life, and why it has value. Though I may have days where I don’t feel the most intelligent, beautiful or creative, I don’t let the defeated attitude take over. Hopefully these quotes have helped you see why it’s important to build your esteem. What are your favorite inspirational quotes?

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Beautiful :)

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then it is not an act it is a habit -aristotle

I every last quotes. Very meaningful.

Who'd have thought Svennis could say something so profound!

Love all of them!

Ugh. Stop quoting MM. She was no woman to emulate.

I love 1,2,4,5

I loved it... and it's exactly what I needed!! Have to save this somewhere ;)

Love #8!

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