If You Suppress ⬇️ Your Feelings 😭😡, You'll Understand This 👇🏼 ...

If you are anything like 😚 me, you probably keep a lid on 🔛 a lot of your emotions. You probably struggle to express them because you are so guarded and you don't want to explode 💣 all over someone that really, truthfully isn't worthy. If you suppress your feelings like 💜 me, you'll absolutely relate to this post.

1. You're in Tune 🎷 with Other People's Feelings

You know how to act when someone smiles at you, when someone laughs, when someone cries and since you keep all of those emotions inside, you drown a little bit in it. That means that a mask 👹 is your very best friend 🐕 most of the time.

2. You Use Keeping Your Feelings inside as a Survival Tactic

Yep. This is 100% me. If people 🚻 knew how I really felt about a lot of things? I wouldn't be nearly as well-liked and I probably wouldn't be nearly in the position that I'm in. You've got to keep a lid on 🔛 a lot of your emotions if you are in any world 🌎 and if you suppress your feelings like 💙 I do, you know it's because you've got to survive.

3. You're Intense Emotionally, People 🚻 Just Don't Know It

Oh yes, you are oh-so-very intense and you have a ton of intense emotions but you never, ever let them out, you don't let people 👥 see them. Again, it all boils down 😣 to that survival tactic.

4. Your Response to Horrible People 👥 is to Smile 😊 at Them

Let's say that someone is being really mean to you, someone is trying to pick at your scabs and really trying to get under your skin. Your response? Kill 🔪 them with kindness, try to understand them and smile 😊 at them. It's all because you are vulnerable.

5. You Despise Crying

Sure, you keep it hidden but you hate 👎 crying. You don't like 💖 when you cry and you don't like 😍 when other people 👥 cry around you. You can't help it, it isn't natural for you and it doesn't seem natural for anyone else.

6. Concealed Anxiety 😟 is Something You Hide

You have a lot of anxiety 😟 under it all, you have shaky breaths sometimes and sweaty palms, but that doesn't mean that you let it out. In fact, you keep it all concealed and you actually get rather irrational a lot of the time.

7. You're an over-thinker

Because you have such intense emotions and because you have a lot of anxiety, you over-think every single 1️⃣ thing. You analyze everything around you and you like 💖 to actually check ☑️ your thoughts before you put a voice 🎤 to it.

8. When Someone Pisses You off 📴 …

Finally, when someone pisses you off? You don't say a single 1️⃣ thing until they are gone, you stuff it all down ⏬ until you're able to rant to your BFF or … even just to yourself.

I know that keeping your feelings down 😧 is nearly impossible and sometimes, it feels too overwhelming to think, however, it can be a good 👍 thing once in a while. It makes you really think about what you are going 👣 to say before you do it. So, what other instances have you held onto your feelings? Share!