If You Suppress ⬇️ Your Feelings 😭😡, You'll Understand This 👇🏼 ...

If you are anything like 😚 me, you probably keep a lid on 🔛 a lot of your emotions. You probably struggle to express them because you are so guarded and you don't want to explode 💣 all over someone that really, truthfully isn't worthy. If you suppress your feelings like 💜 me, you'll absolutely relate to this post.

1. You're in Tune 🎷 with Other People's Feelings

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You know how to act when someone smiles at you, when someone laughs, when someone cries and since you keep all of those emotions inside, you drown a little bit in it. That means that a mask 👹 is your very best friend 🐕 most of the time.

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