Love Yourself No Matter What Your Resolutions Are ...

Silvia Klink

Love Yourself  No Matter  What Your Resolutions  Are  ...

It's time to love yourself whatever your resolutions are. It's almost at the end of the first month of the new year most New Year's resolutions are out of the window. For example, our favorite: losing weight. Well, no wonder. A few weeks ago we were sitting around the table with great and oh so tasty but not very waistline friendly food. Knowing the countdown has started, a last big indulgence of forbidden food that we will miss so dearly. Who can not relate to that. Under the pressure to succeed, we look for any possible and sometimes impossible ways to lose weight. Starting a diet that allows you only to eat food starting with the letter "Y", eating only blue colored food, avoiding food like peaches, for example, indulging in celery only days or simply swallowing air to get full.

Buying the new magazine with the latest breakthrough diet on the cover does not help either. Reading the article about another miracle soup with an "I can do it" attitude will be suddenly crushed after turning the page to find a delicious recipe for brownies or a three-tier cake with the most appetizing colors of whole fat frosting.

Give us a break. Do we really need to lose ten pounds in nineteen hours or lose three dress sizes in eight? Relax. Just give yourself a little credit and a little time and be patient with yourself as you are patient with your husband, kids and dog. Every day look in the mirror and say: I love that woman! That's how to love yourself whatever your resolutions are.