Smart Girl's Guide 📗 to Actually 💯 Changing Their Life 🌎 for the Better 👍🏼 ...

Saying you want to change your life is one thing – everyone says it at some point. Really meaning it and, even more, taking the steps to truly change, those are harder. Changing is easier in theory than it is in practice because it's scary. It means taking a step into the unknown, and that's sometimes terrifying. You have various worries, there's always a reason you can't take a step, and it's easier to dream than it is to act. You can do it, though. I mean, you can really do it. You have to be realistic, you can't wait for an epiphany, and you may just have to take the plunge, but you really can legitimately change your life so you can experience happiness and fulfillment.

1. Identify What Really Makes You Unhappy

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If something makes you unhappy, it's toxic. That goes for people, jobs, even the place where you live. You cannot live surrounded by unhappiness. It drags you down, leaving you with no energy, no motivation, and no strength. You have to identify the things that bring you down, even if it's hard to admit. This might require self-reflection, discussions with your closest confidants, or maybe even a little therapy – sometimes revealing things to a stranger is easier and an unbiased opinion is always helpful.

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