17 Confidence Boosters All Women Should Hear in Life ...

By Holly

17 Confidence Boosters  All Women  Should Hear  in Life  ...

Women everywhere have to stop focusing on their "flaws" and start paying attention to all the amazing things about them. There's no sense in being pessimistic. Look at the good in the world and the good in yourself. Here are a few confidence boosting reminders that every woman should hear today:

Table of contents:

  1. you look great
  2. pretty mind, pretty heart, pretty soul
  3. you've always been beautiful
  4. makeup magnifies your beauty
  5. have other girls' backs
  6. confidence, charisma, and character
  7. you create your own success
  8. always be yourself
  9. your own kind of beautiful
  10. love your skin
  11. do whatever makes you feel beautiful
  12. makeup doesn't matter
  13. happiness creates beauty
  14. believe that you're beautiful
  15. love your body
  16. love your messy hair
  17. ignore the mirror

1 You Look Great


I don't care if your makeup is on yet or if you're in your pajamas. You still look amazing today.

2 Pretty Mind, Pretty Heart, Pretty Soul


No one cares how big your nose is or how small your eyes are. They care about how sweet you are and how much fun you are to be around.

3 You've Always Been Beautiful


If you've been exercising lately or have decided to go on a diet, make sure you read this quote again and again. You're changing your routine to be healthier, not to be more beautiful.

4 Makeup Magnifies Your Beauty


Don't use your makeup to hide your "flaws." Use it to make your sparkling eyes and luscious lips look even more beautiful than they usually do.

5 Have Other Girls' Backs


Stop comparing yourself to other women. We should be patting each other on the back instead of starting cat fights.

6 Confidence, Charisma, and Character


No one is perfect. It's pointless for you to try to reach an impossible standard.

7 You Create Your Own Success


You know what would help you become successful? Yourself! You're in charge of your own future.

8 Always Be Yourself


You're amazing, so there's no reason to pretend to be anyone else. Embrace your own personality!

9 Your Own Kind of Beautiful


Beauty comes in every shape and size. Instead of wishing you looked more like Kim K or Ariana Grande, be your own kind of beautiful.

10 Love Your Skin


It's the only skin you'll ever have, so you might as well learn to love it. It's beautiful, after all!

11 Do Whatever Makes You Feel Beautiful


If you feel pretty in heels or short skirts, then wear them. If you feel your best in jeans and turtleneck sweaters, then wear them. Don't let anyone tell you to change your appearance.

12 Makeup Doesn't Matter


You don't have to wear makeup in order to feel beautiful. You're beautiful without all of that eyeliner and lipstick.

13 Happiness Creates Beauty


You know when you look the most beautiful? When you're smiling!

14 Believe That You're Beautiful


Confidence is key. That's why you genuinely have to believe that you're beautiful.

15 Love Your Body


Hopping on the treadmill and eating the right foods means that you love your body and want to keep it healthy.

16 Love Your Messy Hair


You don't have to look perfect in order to be beautiful. Messy hair can look even sexier than an updo ever would.

17 Ignore the MIrror


Don't bother looking into that mirror every time you pass it. It can't tell you how beautiful you look. Only you can tell yourself that.

These quotes should remind you of how beautiful you are! So stop saying mean things about yourself. You only deserve compliments! What's the most empowering quote about beauty that you've ever heard?

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