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7 Kick-Ass Winning Habits for Girls Who Want to Triumph in Life ...

By Lyndsie

Every girl πŸ’ in the world 🌍 has the potential to kick ass. Every single woman πŸ‘© has the potential to be a winner πŸ† at whatever she does. I believe that, as women, we should strive to uplift other women. Keeping that in mind, these are the habits that will help every girl win 🎰 in life. If you have the drive, if you seek triumph and success, if you desire to be an influential force πŸ’ͺ of nature in this world 🌐 that sorely needs inspiration, here you go. This is all you need. With these winning πŸ† habits, you can triumph over anything.

1 Understand That You Don't Need Validation – Ever

Although we all crave recognition and praise, I want you to realize and believe that you do not need anyone else to validate you. Someone else's stamp of approval πŸ†— – or lack thereof – has no bearing whatsoever on your goals. Eff that. Don't wait around for someone to validate your talents, skills, or dreams. If you believe in them yourself, and if you believe in yourself, that's all you need. That's more than enough validation.

2 Fake It until You Make It with Confidence

This charming little piece of advice is so trite and oft-repeated – but that's because it's true. It works. Not all of us can step out into the big wide world 🌐 with confidence for days. That doesn't mean we can't look like we were born with an overabundance of it, though. Walk πŸ‘ž the walk until you learn how to talk πŸ“² the talk. Keep your head up, trust in your knowledge, and learn πŸ“• what you can as you go.

3 Stop πŸ™… the β€œI'm Sorry” Train

You don't have anything to be sorry for. Don't apologize when you disagree with someone. Don't apologize when you have a better idea. Don't apologize for calling out incorrect information or behavior. Don't apologize for being smart, powerful, creative, talented, knowledgeable, or right. You apologize for bumping into someone or stepping on a person's foot, not for being awesome.

4 Never Apologize for What You Have Because You Deserve It

You've worked for the things you have. You've worked to get where you are. If you're successful, don't feel bad about it. If you're in a good place in your life, don't say you're sorry.

5 Learn How to Speak Man, but Don't Change Yourself for It

It's a sad πŸ˜“ fact, but yeah, sometimes you have to learn guy-speak. I mean, you have to just to get by, especially in certain environments. You don't have to change who you are or how you do things, though. Take a page out of the man-book, but paraphrase it so that it fits with your personality and philosophy. Be assertive without being aggressive. Be confident without being arrogant. Teach without being condescending.

6 Networking is a Real Thing and You Need to do It

Seriously, you need to be networking right now. Are you doing it? Do it. You can network almost anywhere, but making contacts in your own and related industries is vital for your success. You never know when you might need a favor, a referral, or even a job.

7 Build πŸ”§ a Strong ✊ Brand around Yourself

You are a brand. There's the real you and the professional you, and the professional you is your own personal brand. You have your name, your reputation, your skill set, your talents. You have the opportunity to build πŸ”§ your brand from the ground up, using social networking sites galore. Build something strong, resilient, and trustworthy, something reputable, knowledgeable, and relatable. Humor never hurts, either, but that's up to you.

With these tools, you can do anything. You can be anything. You can conquer anything.

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