How to Build a Life That Has Meaning ...


How to Build a Life That Has Meaning ...
How to Build a Life That Has Meaning ...

It’s a weird thing about life, isn’t it, the fact that we are all here whether we like it or not? You have no say in being born, so life is given to you by your parents in that sense, but when it comes to actually ‘living’, that is all down to you. The goal is to live a full and happy life, one that involves lots of connections with others, and lots of fulfilling and rewarding experiences. Here are some tips on how to build a life that has meaning.

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Look for Opportunities

We all suffer setbacks in life, but rather than letting them beat us and define us, we have to try to look for opportunities for improvement and the learning that comes out of them. Finding the silver lining, or at least the small thread of comfort, in any bad period or event is what can bring a new found meaning and motivation to your life. Look for what your ‘new normal’ can be, rather than trying to get everything back to how it was before.



Try to tap in to the natural bravery that we all have as human beings, no matter how big or small the bravery is. Get into the habit of working up the courage to do or face something that you have been avoiding for a while. Completing a long overdue task can make you feel really good and fulfilled.


Appreciate Beauty

Take some time out of your busy or hectic schedule to really appreciate the beauty around you. This can be anything from nature to your family and friends to the lovely home that you have made for yourself. Never take any of these comforts for granted, because they are the things that truly give your life meaning.


Be Kind

Make every effort to be as kind as you can every day because you will be amazed and nourished by the kindness that you receive back from others as a result. You don’t realise just how symbiotic life is until you start missing out on every day connections with people. Kindness is a foundation to starting up those connections once again to attain meaning in life.


Start a Project

Find something to adopt as a personal pet project of your own. It can be anything you like from a hobby that brings you comfort to volunteering to bring comfort to others. It isn’t necessarily the content of the project that matters, it is the notion of having something to look forward to and to work towards, that will give you instant meaning in life.



Don’t use nostalgia to bemoan the ways that your life has changed over time, instead indulge in memories and fun pastimes in order to connect your happy past to your present. Your nostalgia doesn’t have to stay in your past, it can be brought forward to really affect and have an impact on the meaning of your life in the present.

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