Tips to Help You Find Inspiration ...

The fact is that you could write an essay on the many ways to find inspiration, but such methods are rarely fleshed out. People give you to tools but do not tell you how to use them. Here are some tips to help you find inspiration, and a guide on how you should use the advice.

1. Brainstorming is a Mixed Bag of Troubles

A brainstorming session involves freethinking up a bunch of ideas in a freestyle manner. It is often done in groups for maximum effect, however, the Jonah Lehrer posted a very critical depiction of it in the New Yorker (01/30/2012), showing how science had repeatedly debunked brainstorming sessions.

This is a mixed bag of troubles because if you gather a group of highly paid professionals, they are just as likely to come up with as many good ideas as if you had simply had one person thinking alone. This is good news and bad news because it means you can brainstorm for inspiration on your own and still have a reasonable amount of success.