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Embrace the Singleton Life and Learn to Enjoy Being Alone with These Tips ...

By Neecey

Even in these liberated times there is a stigma to being alone, and that being alone means either being in your company or not having a partner/being married. Many assume that because you want to be alone or do things alone, you are an introvert. Far from it. I am alone – by choice – and I am very much an extrovert with a capital E. I am not a loner. I love socializing but know I am better, more in touch with myself and learn more when I do things alone. Here’s how I am happy being alone and how you can be too:

1 Who Said Alone People Are Unhappy?

Why has our culture led us down this dark path? Why is a single woman automatically tagged as an unhappy one? Just how many happy married women do you know? Did you know that over 86% of depressed women have boyfriends or life partners? It seems that single people yearn to be in a couple, and couples yearn to be single. When you are single, you have more freedom and more opportunities to live life to the full without being dragged down by another. Enjoy being alone whilst you can, because it is a luxury that most people give up too easily.

2 Date People and Enjoy Yourself

It’s ok to be alone and it is fun being single, so take advantage of it and date. Use online dating, Craig’s List dating and social media dating. Say hi to people you meet in stores and customers at work. Make friends, go on dates, and have a good time. You are a woman living in a country where you have the freedom to choose. Don’t spend it at home watching re-runs of old TV shows and poking people on Facebook.

3 Set out and Build a Career

Having a partner is great, and so is having a husband, but if you are honest, you have to admit that a lot of time a man or woman in your life will often take up a lot of your time and effort. There is rarely enough time left to concentrate on your career, but if you are single, you will have more time.

4 Get into a Routine - so You Can Break It

Single people, especially without kids, may fall into a cycle of work, clean, work, clean. Get into a routine so that you do not fall into the work/clean cycle, and you will better enjoy the times when you allow yourself to put your feet up and relax.

5 Recognize and Learn That You Are Stronger on Your Own Feet

Single ladies, now is the time to learn how strong and powerful you really are. Many women prop their lives up against the goals and aspirations of their man without ever standing on their own two feet and plotting a course through their own lives, and it is a very sad situation. But, it is not as sad as the women that spend their time trying to fix a man, and when he is fixed he leaves them for another woman because he is suddenly more attractive. Two heads are better than one for sure, but one woman is better than two men.

6 Enjoy a Varied Sex Life

Everybody loves having a boyfriend or a husband, but many men get into a routine and then stick to it when it comes to the bedroom. If you are single, then enjoy a bit of variety. It is like hunting for a good restaurant. Some will be terrible, some will be bland, and some will be delicious with great service. (Just remember the safety rules darling!)

7 Tackle the Difficult Question of What You Are Doing with Your Life

When you are single you can start asking yourself what you are doing with your life and what it is all about. You can start concentrating on your life plan instead of ignoring it for the sake of a little drama with a man.

8 You Will Never Get a Better Chance to Get in Shape

It is just a fact that when you are single you have more time to get fit and healthy. You may feel like a bit of a fool as you walk into the gym and see all those toned bodies, but they all started out like you did. Soon you will be fit, you will be hot, and you’ve done it for you.

9 You Choose Your Attitude!

The fact is that you decide to be happy or sad. You decide if you want to enjoy your time on this planet or spend it moaning and whining. Be good to other people and treat them as you wish to be treated, and you will carve out a life you can and should enjoy.

There is nothing wrong with a woman who chooses to be alone. Just as there is nothing wrong with a woman who suddenly changes her life path and abandons her single life to get married. It’s all about your choice. The thing is to walk the best walk down the path you choose.

Are you a confirmed loner or would you prefer to be part of a couple?

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