Embrace the Singleton Life ☝🏼️ and Learn to Enjoy 😊 Being Alone with These Tips πŸ“ ...


Even in these liberated times there is a stigma to being alone, and that being alone means either being in your company or not having a partner/being married. Many assume that because you want to be alone or do things alone, you are an introvert. Far from it. I am alone – by choice – and I am very much an extrovert with a capital E. I am not a loner. I love socializing but know I am better, more in touch with myself and learn more when I do things alone. Here’s how I am happy being alone and how you can be too:

1. Who Said Alone People Are Unhappy?

Why has our culture led us down this dark path? Why is a single woman automatically tagged as an unhappy one? Just how many happy married women do you know? Did you know that over 86% of depressed women have boyfriends or life partners? It seems that single people yearn to be in a couple, and couples yearn to be single. When you are single, you have more freedom and more opportunities to live life to the full without being dragged down by another. Enjoy being alone whilst you can, because it is a luxury that most people give up too easily.

Date People and Enjoy Yourself
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