Best Tips on How to Avoid Causing Family Arguments at Christmas ...


Best Tips on How to Avoid Causing Family Arguments at Christmas ...
Best Tips on How to Avoid Causing Family Arguments at Christmas ...

Wondering how to avoid causing family arguments at Christmas? Christmas is traditionally billed as being the most wonderful time of the year, and that can definitely be true, but only if all of the members of your family play nice around the dinner table! Being together in such close quarters for a long time can lead to disagreements and old tensions rising back up to the surface. With a few mulled wines in your system, it can be very easy to let things descend into argumentative chaos! However, it doesn’t always have to be like this. If you are worried about your family coming to blows, then read through some of these great tips for how to avoid causing family arguments at Christmas.

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Prepare Yourself

human hair color, girl, blond, lady, interaction, One of the best answers for how to avoid causing family arguments at Christmas is to be ready. It might help to expect the worst in terms of discussion topics and old grudges coming to the surface because you will be able to mentally prep for the situations in your mind and come up with ways to gracefully sidestep them instead of starting a war!


Be the Good Person

drink, alcoholic beverage, alcohol, restaurant, beer, Make an effort to make everyone feel at ease in the family setting. Make lots of small talk and ease them into the day. Let them know that you are not going to be doing any awkward interrogating and everyone will be much happier at the dinner table.


Be Helpful

Take on some extra tasks for your host to ensure that they don't get too stressed out by the day. The more stressed a person is, the more likely they are to fly off the handle at even the tiniest little thing.


Arrive Rested

human hair color, girl, blond, interaction, mouth, Don’t stay up too late on Christmas Eve, because you pay for it later on Christmas Day when you are feeling tired and irritable around all of your family. The fresher your body and mind are, the better you will be able to glide through the day without a problem!


Advance Food Warning

cuisine, meal, food, dish, recreation, If you are allergic to any of the traditional Christmas dishes or happen to be a really picky eater, then it is best to let your host know well in advance rather than catching them by surprise on the big day.


No Ego

dish, cuisine, supper, meal, food, Even if you ARE much smarter than Uncle Ron or Cousin Rachel, don’t use Christmas Day as a chance to show them. Leave your ego at the door and surrender to a day of silly opinions and incorrect facts that you just let slide rather than challenging them.


Plan a Reward

girl, black hair, long hair, socialite, product, Treat the day like a challenge to get through that will see you rewarded after you do. Plan crazy time with your friends to celebrate surviving, or perhaps even allowing yourself to splash the cash on that amazing bag if you can make it through with no arguments!


Take a Break

photo caption, professional, profession, official, glasses, If the tensions of the day are starting to get on top of you, there is no shame in locking yourself in an upstairs bedroom for 15 minutes to recharge your batteries away from everyone!

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