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5 Ways to Know if a Nice Person is Fake ...

By Damito

Friendship is an important relationship in our lives. Everyone needs good solid friends. Sometimes it might be hard to see the difference between a nice person and a fake person.

This guide will help you sift through the people you know and will help you realize who is nice and who is fake. You will need to remove yourself from the fake ones.

1 Truly Nice People Supports Your Actions

Nice people will encourage and support you in every way. It might be a career change or hobby, but a true friend will care will take the journey with you.

2 They Love Your Quirks

Everyone has elements in their personality that are quirky. A true friend will stick by you in spite of these quirks.


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3 Forgives You Eternally

Everybody makes mistakes. Nice people will always forgive you no matter what. They do this because the friendship is more valuable to them than a little mistake.

4 They Keep in Touch

Real friends will keep in touch with you. They are interested in what you are doing with your life. You might see that fake people only contact you occasionally.

5 They Create Time for You

Real friends make time for you. It doesn’t matter if it is coffee on Saturday morning or a call to see how your workday was, they want to be with you anytime they can.
Here are ways to spot fake friends:

6 Fake People Will Be Passive Aggressive

Fake friends are great at talking passive-aggressively. They will always insult you with a compliment. This slowly reduces your self-confidence. Most of the time you don’t know it’s happening.

7 Fake Friends Let You down

Fake friends will make plans and then cancel at the last minute. They say they will help you plan a surprise party but leave everything for you to do. They will have the perfect excuse as why they couldn’t be there so they won’t feel guilty.

8 Fake Friends Want You to Stop Everything

Fake friends expect you to put them first. Your life is supposed to revolve around them. Their situation is always worse than yours. This is all about the competition.

9 Fake Friends Love to Gossip

A huge red flag is when your “friend” gossips about everyone. If they talk about others, what are they saying about you? Everybody needs to vent but when they rip other people apart; it shows they are not nice people.

10 Fake Friends Always Make Themselves More Important

You got that job promotion but your fake friend got theirs first. They constantly try to outdo you. Your news will never be good news. Their news is always better. It will always be a competition to them.

Having one less fake friend in your life is better than a bunch of unreliable people. Remember these things when your so-called friend lets you down again. They might be having a hard time or they are really fake. It would be better to remove them from your life.

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