How to Handle Turtling Syndrome ...

By Zaima

Ever have those days where you feel like staying in whether it be in your room or your bed, 'cos you don’t have much motivation to get out. Some of you may be introverts or extroverts, but nonetheless it’s something to be mindful of. Here's what to remember on days when you just feel like a turtle and want to tuck your head in.

1 Personal Day

On days where you don’t feel like going out, make sure to eat well and take care of yourself. Maybe you’d like to put nail polish on, read a book, write some poetry, maybe even watch a movie and relax.

2 Self Check

I find it important to self check with how you’re feeling, it’s good to be self aware of how you feel not only for your own health, but for your mental health too! I find that when mentally disciplining yourself to relax and train your mind to calm down on stressful days.

3 Explore

Take this time to try some new things, maybe learn how to meditate, do yoga, try doing a handstand (make sure to be careful). I find days where I don’t want to go out as a good way to dream and explore and love myself.

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