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How to Stop Being Shy and Learn to Communicate with Confidence ...

By Leiann

Linda Raynier of gives reasons as to why you may be shy and what to do...

She begins by discussing that maybe the environment in which we were raised may have contributed to us being shy and that the shyness has to be "un-learned".

She states that you are too focused on yourself. You stay so worried and not even because of the other person. Maybe you are thinking to yourself, "They don't like me", "What if I say the wrong thing", etc... There is no meaningful conversation.

How to overcome? Shift the focus to the other person. Act like you are a news reporter and want to know more about the other person. Ask them questions.

If a person asks you a question, do not give a one-word question, but elaborate. Give stories that you know of that relate to the topic you are discussing. What happened. What you did as a result. What was the end result. This helps you to bond.

Listen to the person intently. It is obvious if you are off in your own little world.

Personally, I do not agree with her video. However, I am not so shallow as to say that I am all-knowing. Maybe you could relate to her. Maybe she did help you. If so, then it was worth sharing.

Good luck and hopefully the lines of communication improve for you at work.

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