7 Fears You Must Overcome to Be Happy and Successful ...

If you want to be happy, there are certain fears you must overcome. There’s nothing wrong with being scared, so long as you don’t let your worries take over your life. Of course, you shouldn’t let yourself live in fear forever. While it’s okay to be scared of spiders and needles, here are the fears you must overcome:

1. Fear of Eye Contact

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It’s nerve-racking to look someone directly in the eye. Eye contact can embarrass you or make you feel like you’re creeping the other person out. However, one of the fears you must overcome is your fear of being social. During job interviews, it’s important to look directly into your potential employer’s eyes in order to show confidence. Eye contact is just as important when it comes to flirting. If you want to be successful with your career and love life, it’s important to be able to look someone in the eye.

2. Fear of Loneliness

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No one wants to die alone. Everyone hopes that they’ll find someone to spend their life with, whether it’s a significant other or a few close friends. However, you have to stop being terrified of being alone. If you worry too much, then you’ll settle for anyone. You have to learn to be comfortable alone. Even if you find the man of your dreams, he won’t be with you 24/7. There will be days you’ll spend without him, and you don’t want to spend those hours in misery.

3. Fear of Rejection

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You won’t land your dream job if you’re too scared to attend the interview. You won’t marry your perfect man if you’re too shy to talk to him. Rejection can be heartbreaking, but it’s a part of life. You have to learn to accept rejection and learn from it. Be brave and take the leap, no matter how scary the journey will be.

4. Fear of Commitment

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You might not have been the girl who dreamt about marriage since she was five. You might not be willing to spend the rest of your life with another person. While it’s fine to enjoy being single, you shouldn’t run from any opportunity to connect with another person. You don’t want to end up losing something special because you’d rather be alone. Don’t push people away. You never know how much they could help you.

5. Fear of Public Speaking

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Public speaking is something most people are terrified to do. You don’t have to be comfortable in front of large crowds, but you should learn to control your nerves in front of small groups. Most jobs will require you to speak in person. You don’t want to lose a career opportunity because you’re unable to talk in front of others. It’ll be difficult, but this is one fear you should try to get over.

6. Fear of Change

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Things can’t remain the same forever. As you age, your friends and living situation will change. You have to learn to embrace change, and try not to run from it. Some things will actually be better after change occurs. Don’t automatically hate something because it’s different from what you’re used to.

7. Fear of Death

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You shouldn’t do dangerous things like jump in the middle of the road or drive recklessly. However, you shouldn’t live in constant worry of death. When you’re too focused on dying, you forget about living. In order to be happy, you have to forget about the bad things.

Every fear is conquerable. Whether you’re scared of the dark or of crowds, you can find a way to overcome it. What’s your biggest fear?

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